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Every suggestion for Ray.
Last updated: May 23rd - 11:17 AM (Central).

This thread is a few characters from exceeding the limit, please do something about that Ray! Tongue

Hello, I have no life and I'm bored.
I feel like many great ideas are being left behind in the ‘suggestions’ thread.
I have created a single thread to sum up every great idea out of seemingly every post in the ‘suggestions’ category however including new ones.
I may not fully explain the argument of every post but rather what the idea is, and a bit about it.
If you previously made a suggestion that you think would be a great addition please ‘re-debate’ on the suggestions thread. If you made a suggestion that was not linked accordingly I apologies and will credit your name, just tell me. Or if a suggestion should/shouldn't be on here¿
All suggestions on here are ones that have not been currently added to the game and many players would/have agreed that it would be a fantastic addition to the game.
Full credit is to be given to the players that came up with the suggestion in this forum. Players who first came up with it will be credited as the first, later suggestions on the same topic will still be acknowledged, if you made a suggestion similar to another without getting credited please tell me. Suggestions will be linked accordingly.
Quotes may have been used in explanation to what the suggestion can improve/help on from the original threads. <- Not often.

* If you're looking for a specific suggestion press: Control + F to make a specific search (Command + F on mac) *
- The names of the suggestion may have been changed to better fit the topic. I suggest searching by player names.

* If an entire suggestion has a cross through it like so it has either: Been discussed by Ray / Community manager, that it will not be changed / Suggestion won't happen. Or has been implemented into the game. From which in a couple days the underlined suggestion will just be removed.*
- If only the link is crossed, the thread has been deleted.  <- Will remind you.

I gave each Suggestion a rating:
Please note* the rating is not how good the suggestion is, but rather how difficult/time consuming it would be to implement. This is more from a ‘public’ perspective of understanding rather then a technical level (bias).
Ex/ Auto movement of stages may require a lot of sub-thought with difficulty’s on auto changing planets, or stopping on the final bosses; however from how I’m putting it, it may appear as a much smaller job then adding another stage.
- I certainly hope ratings of 0/1 are to be considered or/and implemented.
Rating of 0: Easy fix/idea doesn’t require much thought, as it’s a simple addition.
Rating of 1: Something that may require some work however can still be finished within a day of time.
Rating of 2: This suggestion may take anywhere to a day or a week of time to execute sharply, larger scale of an addition.
Rating of 3: This suggestion is more on the far future side of IOU, and is a huge addition for the game.
The suggestions are in order from:
Oldest -> newest (date of final post [for most]) & Ratings (Lowest -> Highest) From Top down.

Ray this is what the community has for you:
**!** I’m not doing this to ‘stress’ Ray into what we want, or at least not intended that way; but rather organize what Ray could be working on from what the community has come up with.**!**

                                                        The hall of suggestions:

-Rating: 0 below-

Suggestion: Canceling expedition
First suggestion by: WhiteK
Also suggested by-

Be able to cancel an expedition
Very good if you accidentally press the wrong expedition, and no rewards will be given if you cancel, thus we all win!
Suggestion: More trophies
First suggested by: WhiteK
Also suggested by-

Add trophy: Wood obtained
This would be included in the ‘collect’ tab, for the total amount of wood you have accumulated.

Further trophies for kills to specific levels can occur as well, or increase the gap between the levels as mine/wood is added.
Suggestion: Time freeze/Splat buff
First suggested by: WhiteK
Also suggested by-

Even though this suggestion was so long ago, even today time freeze is so needless unless you’re solo.
Suggestion: Party based hunting skills
First suggested by: icecab21

For upgrades such as: Hp reduction/Treasure Hunter/Easy Loots Rather then having the person with the highest level of it be the only one accounts for, everybody’s can be added and divided evenly, or at least a small portion can be taken.
That way the person with the lower level of each upgrade isn’t completely waited.
If not, or even if:
The possibility of seeing the bonus from the group would be a great option.
As suggested by: Theringthatdoesnotruleitall
Suggestion: Skill – trophies upgrades
First suggested by: WhiteK
Also suggested by-

Remove the current ability timer reductions in trophies upgrades menu-, as it’s not very useful other then time freeze.
Have an upgrade that will: Increase the effectiveness of other skills / increase the % that the skill gave.
Or have the upgrade effect the duration of the skill, rather then the cool down.
Suggestion: Disabling effects/animations
First suggested by: thehermit13
Also suggested by-

Some people have had lag issues, and even now when you click off the browser the removal of damage/coins may not be enough
Adding the option to completely remove these things could be nice, or even removal of: pet attacking animation/party attacking, even the monsters animation.
Suggestion: Guild MOTD/chatting
First suggested by: Huggz
Also suggested by-
(Similarly) Pegaz
Being able to copy the guild message of the day, or highlight/copy anything in the chat would be amazing. Can’t image how people on IOU’s main website exchange links.

- You currently can highlight/copy from regular chat, however the colours are to similar from the background; thus making it extremely difficult to see.

Suggestion: Notifications
First suggested by: chaosguard
Also suggested by-

Being able to remove notifications/ the ‘new’ text
Though you won’t be able to know when somebody messaged you, you’re aware of that and most messages are nonsense from the guild anyway. (Donations)
An option to disable each chat entirely as
suggested by: recentteen14
A separate tab for all the donations, which could within itself have notifications automatically off.
suggested by: VillowVonVald


Suggestion: Server Time clock
First suggested by: Janus
Also suggested by-

Adding a ‘clock’ to display when the server will reset
Very helpful as many players don’t have (EST) time, some across Europe wouldn’t be aware as to when this reset will occur without either: research, or ‘muscle memory’
Suggestion: Pet upgrades buff
First suggested by: universal123

Current upgrades for pets: Crit chance/damage/double attack chance
Are utterly useless, as they pose no reason for upgrading. Damage is merely 11x more efficient. Buffs to the other upgrades need to occur.
Suggestion: ‘skip’ solo challenges
First suggested by: Bacon666
Also suggested by-
pimc <-- Thread deleted

Just like the series challenge system, in solo challenges rather then having to complete stages you already have; you skip to the stage you haven’t completed.
Similarly in series challenge system, rather then being forced to leave when timer runs out, the challenge can reset as completion of record round is highly dependant on RNG. 
As suggested by: Brouwer

Suggestion: Daily rewards scaling
First suggested by: CRIMSONKING
Also suggest by-

Daily rewards should scale by your current level. Would mainly be leaning towards the gold gain. <- If a new daily reward system doesn’t come.
Suggestion: Party chat exiting
First suggested by: darkChaos23

“Do not remove party chat tab when you go out of a party”
Wanting to give out a message to somebody will be lost if they end up solo.
It also may be a cause to messages that pop-up that’s not new when coming back from challenges, and also missing out on anything your party member said.

Suggestion: Hover over text
First suggested by: Sekcio

As there’s a hover over text for online players displaying their cards, progression exc. There should also be a hover over text for offline players, displaying a rough estimation to how long they’ve been offline for.


Suggestion: Mining buttons
First suggested by: Joseph1984
Also suggested by-

Move the buttons slightly farther apart, or have it clear so there’s no chance of accidentally clicking the wrong one. As there’s no confirmation to do so (it would only strike annoyance) they should have a farther apart feel. Be honest, you’ve accidentally clicked refresh when you could go deeper once.
Suggestion: Challenges visual
First suggested by: vosavo

Remove: Cards collected/difficulty tier being on the screen when in challenges.
Suggestion: Card pack timers
First suggested by: Aaron Storm
Also suggested by-

Make the daily/weekly/monthly claims from card pack in support levels based on a server side timer. That way on daily reset, you can take the card pack at any point in the day, rather then having to wait and worry about ‘loosing’ time if you don’t claim it right away.
Suggestion: Chat ‘tracker’
First suggested by: oHieHelo

When you open the guild chat and close it, the game should remember you were last on the guild chat. That way when you re-open the chat you’re still on the guild chat, rather then always being forced to toggle through.
Suggestion: Party icon
First suggested by: vosavo
Also suggested by-

When somebody does a challenge have a icon showing it, similar to how if somebodies gone they’re consider zZz, but if there was one for a challenge you can actually know if somebody’s gone or not.
Idea: A medal in the background or change in color-

Suggestion: Woodcutting new stage
First suggested by: roedar
Also suggested by-

Alert the player when a new forest area/mine depth is available for unlocking. Preferred method would be by a pop up text; similar to how earning a trophy is done.
Suggestion: New chat system changes
First suggested by: RogueHobbies

Minor changes to the current chat system including:
Color changes on time stamps,
Possible font changes,
Border re-sizes.
The current system isn’t exactly user friendly, even the font can be ‘hard on the eyes’.
Suggestion: Total cards, after opening of packs
First suggested by: Netlom

Even though the game does display how many cards you have on each stage when you are on the card packs screen and about to open a packs. When you actually open the pack you are unsure of the total cards that were randomly selected by the pack, from which instead of searching or not caring would be a nice addition to add if you could see the new total of every card.
Easy visual displayed by Netlom on main thread.
Suggestion: Orbs and IOU
First suggested by: aphixia

Have soul orbs contribute to IOU. Possibly each star adds by IOU by a certain amount, similar to how each pet level increases it as well.
This may be needed simply because of how much bonuses soul orbs account for.
Suggestion: Guild personal upgrade
First suggested by: AlreadyTaken

The current boost from the guild’s personal upgrade’s base damage is completely useless for almost any player except newer players, from whom would only be useful for the first couple levels.
-It doesn’t scale.
Having it as a % increase similar to challenges can make it worthwhile
+ Y DMG & + X% base damage.
+ X% base damage
- However may need some compensation 
"X base damage or Y% base damage, whichever is higher." (similar to card packs value) as suggested by: Hipoo in original thread.
(Further explained on original thread of posts)

Suggestion: Stamina/mana <lvl 100
First suggested by: vosavo

Make stamina/mana invisible to players that haven't unlocked it as a feature.
It only adds confusion and is useless for them.
Having the upgrade locked, no matter the method would prevent this.
-The player should be aware of the unlocked upgrade most likely via: hover text.

Suggestion: pets & player abilities
First suggested by: SonGoku

Have player abilities (Crit enhance, Dmg exc.) effect pets as well.
This would be a decent balance with pets current damage, making them fairly useful overall.

Suggestion: Support improvements
first suggested by: Silent Shadow

Change the 'wording' of the bug report button. 'Help' Is very miss leading, gives the impression of a 'guide' rather than helping the community from a players perspective.
As well as the ability to close old tickets if the issue is completely 'resolved'.

Suggestion: Presentation of idle bonus
First suggested by: vosavo

Having some way of showing the 10% idle bonus that is given to a player who doesn't attack within 120s.
Whether a glowing affect on the sword, count down timer showing a + 10% idle damage text. Anything works, other than the current presentation of nothing.
Count down timer was suggested by: DorutheDragon (further down the thread)

Suggestion: Donation buttons
First suggested by: Hipoo

Having a more (/reliable) options than the current '1k, 10k & 100k' for donating stone into guild buildings.

Suggestion: Crit orb (pets)
First suggested by: budice

Having the critical orb in Soul Orbs also effect pets, allowing it to increase their critical damage.

Suggestion: Energy Codes
First suggested by: Mythic

Allow Energy (wood/mine) to be earned in Rando codes, similar to all other currencies.
Further in depth on original thread.

Suggestion: Challenge UI
First suggested by: ikud

'To have Tiers grouped inside challenges, instead of challenged grouped by tiers'. This would force a user to select the difficulty within the challenge then the tier. This is more to avoid the current system of going onto a different challenge, and not being able to go to your latest difficulty tier. (Or as Aaron Storm put it: "if say you are on page 3 and are trying to go to a difficulty level that you have challenges on page 1 unlocked for, but nothing from page 3 unlocked, then it says that difficulty tier isn't unlocked.")

Suggestion: Guild members Challenge notifications
First suggested by: Ragekai

Receive a notification when a guild member is sitting in challenge queue.

Suggestion: Fishing Leader-board
First suggested by: Jiggily

Add a leader-board to Fishing, possibly highest value caught.

Also: as suggested by alantangcs
Add an ascension upgrade NRG+ for Fishing, and a trophy cool down reduction.

Suggestion: Fishing Don't Catch!
First suggested by Aaron Storm

Add a button that won't catch any fish in the water, refreshing the 'lake/tank.. This way there's no need to spam the exit and re-enter buttons when there's high odds of a poor catch.

-Rating: 1 below-

Suggestion: ‘Hot keys’ / keyboard changes
First suggested by: Danawar2
Also suggested by-

Being able to change the hotkeys for everything in the game.
Ex/ Change all your abilities to the space bar so you can use them all with one press
Corresponds with Kadercito’s suggestion:
From which was also suggested by-
pimc  <- Thread deleted
Can also add the ability to toggle the ‘challenge ready sound
Which was suggested by Andez

Suggestion: ‘Idle zone’
First suggested by: cloudsalot
Also suggested by: universal123
LordBlob <- further explained how it may work
Similarly suggested by: Akuma no Tsubasa

Be able to ‘set’ a zone for each player separately, this would be an area where if the player is forced to play solo or his party disbands: The player will instantly be put to the stage that he set as his ‘idle’ zone.

Suggestion: Mining Upgrades
First suggested by: MarkVM

Have mining upgrades similar to woodcutting
Possibility to buff ‘pick axe’
Farther upgrades in mining can also give a need for a direct ‘upgrades’ button from mining as suggested by: Janus

Suggestion: Abbreviations for players
First suggested by: Cataclismo

Having players have abbreviations to see what guild they’re in.
Ex/ Vosavo[Int]

Suggestion: Guild ‘Bulletin Board’
First Suggested by: WhiteK
Also suggested by-

This would give the creator more to tell the guild members, a full page to tell rather then the simple message of the day.
Would help by fitting: rules, promotions exc.

Suggestion: Guild members list UI
First suggested by: Feeshi

Because there are guilds growing with over 25+ members today, the scrolling can be a bit of a problem when you can only see merely 4 people at once. It’s fairly clumsy scrolling through, a UI resize can fix this, being able to flip pages viewing ~10 members per page.
The UI resizing can also be considered in the menu when browsing the list of guilds.
As suggested by: Danawar2
Being able to have an option of ‘sorting’ through the list, rather then the: Level/job order that’s forced.
Sorting can be from: Alphabetical, offline times / ‘other’, donations.

Suggestion: Woodcutting ‘events’
First suggested by: Ogre
Also suggested by-
Every time a tree is fully chopped, there’s a small chance for an ‘apple’ to drop, earning a diamonds or some form of reward from this.
Another possibility: A chance for a ‘golden’ tree to appear, from which would have benefits such as: low HP, extra logs exc.
Suggestion: Rankings
First suggested by: Wildfire2099

Being able to see your personal rank, rather then out of top 200s.
If you’re new to the game, you can either see your ‘self as rank 5000ish, or have a requirement: ‘reach level 100 to be entered on leaderboards’.
If you are on the leaderboards, it could be noticeable (colored) to stand out.
From which can correspond to buck1andonly’s suggestion

Suggestion: Ascension 3
First suggested by: Kadercito

At level 130 you reach inferno mode from which you are able to choose anywhere you would like to farm. However the difference of 70 levels before reaching inferno levels is huge all focused into cards when you aren’t really able to farm much of an inferno.
Having ascension 3, rather then inferno mode at level 130 would replace this and you would have to re-farm all worlds.
Suggestion: Private messaging
First suggested by: Danawar2
Also suggest by-

To message somebody anywhere, but only the person you're sending it too can receive the text.
Simple ad on, just like Kongregate IOU could have a system where it’s a command ‘/w’ then the name of the person, by clicking on the person it could force input this. The actual message would have a different color of text, so the player is aware that it is a private message, can appear in any chat.
Suggestion: Treasure cards
First suggested by: Kadercito

Giving treasures a separate section for cards, with the same chance as a regular mob to drop.
Brought up by CRIMSONKING in the same thread!:
Treasure cards could give more gold as % rather then higher bonus damage.

Suggestion: Wishing well
First suggested by: EvoGeek
“Every 5th level would up your possible coin drop from a kill by one”. Increasing gold rate for each player.
- May require some balancing and further thought of suggestion.

Suggestion: Pet arena expansion
First suggested by: Andez
I’m aware Ray will probably add this eventually, but even a couple insanely difficult stages could work.
Suggestion: Buff Altar
First suggested by: SonGoku
Making altar a multiplicative bonus, as the current isn’t much at all.
More info on original thread.

Suggestion: Group challenges
First suggested by: SimplyPresent
Allowing the creator of the group challenge to start it at any moment.
Or even a ‘vote’ to start.
Challenges can be very difficult to fill, and mostly have far enough damage to complete while only ever in need of ‘fillers’.
-This addition may even boost willingness of community to help players.

Suggestion: recent party
First suggested by: emukiss

A ‘join’ recent party tab / having the ability to see your previous party if you loose one. Simple if there’s a connection issue, as you will easily be able to re-join the party you were in.
- May need further thoughts

Suggestion: Adjustable requirements
First suggested by: Rovian
Also suggested by-

Recruiting can be a pain for any guild, while leaving the guild open allows any players to join. If there was a cap that the leader/creator can set for min levels or IOU so that they can leave the guild open without having to worry about much from who joins.
Players who look at the guild list can only see the guild if they meat the requirements.
Suggestion: Buff bosses + compensate players
First suggested by: vosavo

Significantly buff final bosses, players need more of a ‘build’ up feel to them. By significantly increasing HP for these bosses, the players are either forced to join parties or farm up some damage (upgrades).
Compensation can range from:
-Increase card drop amounts from final bosses
-Increase GOLD/EXP gains from final bosses
-Rather then earning bonus EXP from completion of every world, you gain an evenly spread amount from each final boss.
This can also give inferno players more of a reason to farm bosses.
Further explained on original thread.

Suggestion: New pet equation
First suggested by: vosavo

Pets do not scale with the current + 5% bonus, no matter what pet you have they will eventually fall into dealing absolutely useless damage near lvl 250+.
A proposal for a new equation that would scale for higher players while barely increasing the current effects on lower levels; as the pets already do a fair amount of damage for them.
See some suggested changes to the equations on main thread.

Suggestion: Loyalties
First suggested by: Martyr

Give long term players even more extra bonuses for the amount of time they've played. This could be calculated on par with the current Event Trophy for Days Played.

Suggestion: Challenge Nerfs
First suggested by: Khanate

Nerf duo/group challenges, as they're far to increased in difficulty compared to solo.

-Rating: 2 below-

Suggestion: Friends list system
First suggested by: Danawar2
Also suggested by-
Ragekai  <- a Layout of what the chat system may look like

Add a feature to have friends in game, mainly towards players at
They can ‘private chat’ and would be another add-on to the chat menu.
Having the ability to see if their offline/online.

Suggestion: A daily task/quest system
First suggested by: universal123
Also suggested by-
(Similarly) Plob
They can even vary to Tecz idea:

“We could have a daily task system that rewards you gold/ap or something else for doing tasks” The tasks can include: Doing challenges, killing specific amount of enemies’ exc.
This would engage the player daily for constant challenges!
It would essentially only need to be a RNG to determine what daily quest you need to do, while there’s about 10 random quests, or 25ish if you include full specifics: ‘which stage, challenge, exc.’

Suggestion: An EXP mob
First suggested by: Uschi
Also suggested by-
Similar to the Treasure mob, could be an EXP mob that gives a much great amount of EXP compared to the regular mob.

Suggestion: Description overhaul
First suggested by: Lightshard

A more community friendly overhaul to explain everything in the game, as of now people are almost required to ask questions or read a huge guide unless they want to make mistakes.
Ex/ “-Hunting- (Upgrades that affect you throughout your world zone) New: Upgrades which affect your adventure progression.
*- Analog*”
-       Or at least somewhat of a tutorial, it’s needed to be more user friendly even to this date.

Suggestion: Guild flags/icons
First suggested by: Huggz

Showing an icon/flag for each guild, giving them the ability to represent them selves! “This display of loyalty could then be displayed on party tiled when you’re grouped.”
Can also correspond to changing fonts for the guilds
As suggested by SimplyPresent
Suggestion: invite / party system
First suggested by: Tyranos
Greater in depth by: Antonio

Being able to invite players to your group.
A message would be displayed to the user being invited to join the party or not, with the IGN of the inviter. This can help players find who they’re party’s much rather then the ‘find a party’ system. Would also make it much easier if the user if AFK, and comes back with the invite to somebody he planned to join with previously.
This can work very well with a friends list feature-
‘A vote to kick option, since if somebody joins when you wanted a friend to join you, your forced to pretty much completely re-make the party.

Suggestion: improved statistics of player <- /cmd dps sort of did this, however was removed. So the suggestion could be to bring it back. Tongue. Or add more to it
First ‘in depth’ suggested by: DarkThievin
Also suggest by-
Create some statistics for the player to see:
-Gold per second
-EXP per second
-IOU increase per day
Possibly have statistics in a chart form as a 'real statistics' window, for the player to see.
Some statistics can run well with ‘inspect button idea.
Such as: Huggz

Even a counter to see your daily (total) Damage when the server resets.
As suggested by: Ragekai

Suggestion: Improved daily claim rewards
First suggested by: lp9
Also suggested by-

Rather then having the 5 days in a row screen, put in the planned wheel or fortune or ‘real’ daily rewards that doesn’t end in a simple 5-day time.

Suggestion: Upgrade improvements
First suggested by: irrimn
Also suggested by-


*-‘Dump all’ button or x1x5x10, so you can upgrade multiple times at once rather then rapidly clicking.-*
If reset ever becomes costly:
Implement upgrade slots, from which with a single click of a button you can change to your ‘challenge’ damage spec with ascension points. Similar to a ‘custom’ class in other games, having more upgrade slots would be costly. (Diamonds or AP) It would save your ‘trophies and ascension upgrades- 

Suggestion: Guild leader ‘hidden’ parties
First suggested by: Kadercito

A guild function where you’re able to see who’s partied with who, can work with ‘inspect’ option.

Suggestion: Change progression to support levels
First suggested by: Brouwer

Change how progression to support levels work, rather then having diamonds.
Possible substitute: support points
1 Diamond = 1 support point
Support points can be obtained via game play as well (daily rewards or trophies)
This will majorly help free to play players not fall so far behind in support levels, while ‘donations’ will still help them farther, as the freeing players don’t earn much for diamonds.
Further explained on original thread.

Suggestion: Expeditions expanded
First suggested by: Void

Loads of players are finished every expedition, expanded it to increase uses for expedition points would be necessary.
Expeditions are only effected by activity, increasing/buffing them would slightly reward those players.

Further mechanics + thoughts suggested by: Brouwer <- details in main thread

Suggestion: Possible mechanic
First suggested by: Aaron Storm

(How it would work for challenges) Each player that completed a challenge would gain a % bonus based on the amount of players that have completed it; for major balancing. " This means that all players give a boost to players behind them and get a boost to players that are equal to them and ahead of them. The result is that weaker players want the strong players to get further ahead because it helps them. " - Further explained on original thread.
-May need further elaboration for balancing.-

Suggestion: Regional chat changes & reporting system *Regional chat was removed via: v0.66z
*Though was not in patch notes*

First suggested by: recentteen14

Much of the regional chat is abused by players sending spam, the option to report them could allow moderation to be taken in place. Increased player cap + less rooms, with the ability to not only choose default rooms, but re-name rooms towards their better purpose. (recruiting.. chatting etc.)
* Regional chat is currently useless for players on Kongregate. *

Suggestion: New pet systen
First suggested by: lp9

Allowing pets to have-
There own separate level system, that is increased based on players expierence
Pets skills, both passive and active
Pet perks, giving bonuses based on the pets levels; the path being chosen by the player.
* Further explained on original thread *
-  'passive' skills idea was further liked.

-Rating: 3 below-

Suggestion: An equipment/weapons/armor system
First suggested by: franco642
Also suggested by-
More ideas: Antonio
lp9 https://iourp
I read some suggestions.
But i ain't reading all of the post Tongue
To much to read.
Nice run 'til now.
(01-02-2016, 06:41 PM)Sebinsky2014 Wrote: I read some suggestions.
But i ain't reading all of the post Tongue
To much to read.

Should have put it in the suggestions category and named it "Recognize Suggestions suggestion"...haha
You can usually find me here!
(01-04-2016, 05:39 AM)Void Wrote: Should have put it in the suggestions category and named it "Recognize Suggestions suggestion"...haha

Hah, should I add that to the hall of suggestions? Tongue
This is pretty amazing. Thank you.
great work! thumbs up

-Sorry for spam
(02-02-2016, 02:37 PM)vosavo Wrote: Bumping*

-Sorry for spam

It's alright, this thread is in Ray's heart.
You can usually find me here!
So obviously I can't look at these right now...but there has been plenty of random discussions about going through things like this after the transfer. We'll be having a lot of discussions soon. Step by step.


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