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Upgrade point spending improvements
So, I actually have a couple minor suggestions on making improvements to the upgrade system that I think would be big quality-of-life improvements for anyone that resets their ascension / trophy points often.

The first suggestion is: a spend-all/max button. What the button would do is spend as many points as it can in an upgrade. For example, I have 1233 trophy points which allows me to get 1 trophy upgrade to level 12. When I reset my points, I have to click the upgrade button on whatever I an upgrading 12 times. While that isn't a big deal, usually I just rapid-click the button until the game throws the "Insufficient Trophies (195) Have: 63" error at me. So instead of rapid-clicking I could just click the "max" button and it would put 12 points into whatever I clicked. This really wouldn't be hard to program since it'd just be a simple loop statement and it would save time. Alternatively or maybe in combination with this idea, 1x, 5x, 10x buttons could also be useful.

The second suggestion I have, which is probably 10 times harder to implement but is going to be VERY needed someday if resets ever cost: upgrade slots. An upgrade slot would be a saved configuration for a distribution of points that you could change to with 1 click of a button. Ideally these slots would be free to toggle between (so that way if resets ever cost ap to use then people can buy a few slots and only have to really change their builds every once in a while when they've earned more points). These slots would probably initially cost some amount of diamonds to unlock (hooray for more things to do with diamonds?), with the first (non-default) slot being like 100 diamonds, the second 250, the third 500, the 4th 1000, etc. The reason these slots would be especially useful is for anyone that likes to switch their ascension points when they are cutting wood, training pets, doing their claims, etc. I think this change would mostly benefit players that are above level 200 because they have so many more points to spend so resetting them takes them even longer to do.

Anyways, those are my 2 ideas. Feel free to comment if you like/dislike them or if you have an idea on how they could be improved.
I do like the idea of creating ascension point presets and unlocking slots for diamonds. I would say there should be a max limit to it though as to conserve space on setting this customization.

Off the top of my head I can think of - Idle Setup, Challenge Setup, Pet Setup, and Tree-Cutting Setup.

So having a max of 5 custom slots to freely switch between should work.
Considering that changing points around is not even suppose to be free, I think we should just be content that Ray has kept it free for so long. If he decides to undo that, then these would be good ideas to implement.

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