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Simple graphics options
Sometimes the game gets a little choppy. The option to simply turn off the dmg, gold and xp numbers as well as coins etc. could help avoid this.
Totally agree. A lot of games have this options and it really reduce the memory use and makes doing other things on pc much better.
I don't know a way to show support other than just commenting I agree. I guess I'll say something else too, but just because I don't feel like making a simple comment.

The option to lessen the quality of graphics and the amount of text that has to appear can surely reduce lag on each individuals systems and their Internet, which could help with game bandwidth which seems to be a little problematic. Also it'd help, because when people idle (which is a lot since this IS an idle game) it could reduce the strain on the servrs. It seems like it'd help stability a lot overall.
I doubt things like this will reduce serverload as it is often something that is purely done on our side and not server side.
Ah didn't see that one good to know Ray agrees with it.
(05-29-2015, 09:01 PM)cealis Wrote: I doubt things like this will reduce serverload as it is often something that is purely done on our side and not server side.

Oh, I guess that's true. It could help for the people with little or crowded bandwidth still and at least make it a little more stable on our sides... probably.
You can improve your framerate now, just right click on the game and you've got the flashplayer menu. check the quality option and set it to "low". Default setting is on "high". My computer has really bad specs (pentium d 3.0GHz and 2 gigs of RAM, video card is integrated with the chipset of motherboard). On high quality settings the game is really choppy (10-15 fps, reaction time on clicks is awful). Now the game runs at stable 30 fps even in 6-party challenges. Only downside to this solution is the fact that the ingame chat is almost unreadable (but you can change the quality of the game to high, read, respond and then get it back to low).

But even with that I would love some more graphics settings, like disabling the gold drop text etc.
Again, this is a great idea. I fully intend on adding this, however you'll have to bear with me and possibly even toss a reminder my way again later as adding anything to my TODO for the short term would just fall off the page at this point with everything going on with my end of things.
You can click outside the flash container to hide floating damage numbers and coin drops. Doesn't help much when you're actively clicking, but still.

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