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No Party Damage Messages Option
It should be nice to be able to remove the scrolling combat damage of party members

It just lags the already laggy game, i really dont need to know if my 3rd party member pet 1 hit for a million damage, our party its ranged from lvl 472 to 483, our speed its just so high that there is like 15 damage message/second, just imposible to just understand anything anyway, and when you add your own damage message, your pets hits, and the gold/xp you get, its just a constant spam on screen that for probably more ppl than me is just anoying

A config option to turn it off should be really nice, and will help to server traffic a lot too.

Another more advanced feature can be add a final combat damage message, something like:

"Party1name" did 900M damage
"Party2name" did 1,4B damage

only when the monster died, as exp/gold. It should be 100 times more usefull that the current spam.
+1 Good idea
on kongregate if you click outside of game you dont see any numbers just when you collect gold appears

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