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Challenge UI
In regards to the new dev blog "Things are not intuitive and it's very confusing the way the challenges work now"

I think it would be a little less confusing if Tiers were grouped inside of the Challenges instead of Challenges Grouped by tiers. For example, you click the Rats challenge and it opens a window for you to select between Bronze, Silver, and Gold. When you click Bronze for instance, it opens the bronze list of difficulty 1-5 and shows which ones you have/haven't completed.

I've attached a "crude" image for a better explaination.

The worst part is that if say you are on page 3 and are trying to go to a difficulty level that you have challenges on page 1 unlocked for, but nothing from page 3 unlocked, then it says that difficulty tier isn't unlocked.

The simple solution is to just unlock all the difficulty tiers. And then put a check on them if you have completed all challenges for that difficulty, meaning all solo, duo, and group challenges.

It's annoying to go to change difficulties and realize I have to back out and then change the page I'm looking at in order to look at a later difficulty. That and it took me multiple times before I figured out why it kept on saying stuff was locked I knew I had challenges for.
That may be a nice change with the current challenge system.

But for the current system a quick fix would be to have pop ups like in upgrades that shows the last challenge you completed of that challenge your mouse is over:

Quote: Gold I Rats! Duo

meant for that to be a pop up box ^

The pop up should show up no matter what you are on solo/duo/group and no matter what tier your on Bronze I/II/III etc... also if you are in a tier with challenges that are locked when your mouse is over those locked ones the pop up should show up.
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It just seems like it would be easier/less confusing to complete challenges by the actual challenge instead of by Tier. Like "go as far as you can in rats, then go as far as you can in fruit" instead of "go as far as you can in bronze, then silver...etc"
All I want to see is for all of the difficulties to be clickable, even if I can't start any of the challenges in them. I was just looking at a weird issue with challenges where if you actually get ahead and say unlock the next difficulty in fruit before you unlock rats then you can't even access the area to start the solo challenge of fruit until you finish the rat group.

It already says that the challenge can't be done until you complete blank challenge, so why does it matter if I click on Gold V when I have nothing unlocked in Gold V? It just makes it hard to navigate when I'm on the wrong challenge page, or didn't change the mode and want to check out a different challenge on a different difficulty. Instead of just clicking on it I have to change multiple options first.
That is not a bug, if you finished fruit before rats all you have to do is click on fruit (be on solo) then click the next tier.
Yes it would be nice to click on any tier with out having to unlock what ever challenge is currently highlighted.
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