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"Guildies waiting on Challenge fill"-window
I think it'd be useful if there were a window or maybe a "!" notification pop up (kinda similar to the pet need fed, or expedition squares) that alerted when there were guildies waiting for a challenge-fill that you can join. Given the nature of the game, with people rarely checking chat and the like, I think it'd help get groups coalesced easier and with less "begging" invovled.
+1 great idea
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos
I like this idea. Would also be really useful if when you created a challenge you could ask the game to do a ready check before the challenge. Gets to be a real pain when you wait 30 minutes for a challenge to fill only to realize half the people in it are afk. Of course if you could carry the challenge you just wouldn't set this, but would be really useful for challenges where you need everyone to be active.

That and of course the often requested start without a full party lol.

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