Poll: change guild upgrade base damage static to percentage
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change guild upgrade base damage static to percentage
since everything seem to be going to percentage, this one need to change too
This would be amazing, it's so useless right now xD
+1, even as a % im just glad my guild upgrade pattern would be the same with pets current state, i hate uneven patterns @_@
The only issues I see is that it'll be another moment where the non-ascended players will hate it for a bit but they'll get over it pretty quickly, I really do think it should be percentage now that you mentioned it, cause once you so high level, the damage just isn't worth it, the xp/gold takes care of that atm.
(12-29-2015, 07:00 AM)pimc Wrote: i understand, you dislike me

yes, take more of the base damage from new players so it takes years to advance ,from where the new players can actually get base damage then ?
or maybe you just cannot imagine that some people dont like to use your beloved alts to level up

also the following can work :

if <new player> or <level<350> then <delete>

How is the guild bonus for base damage even remotely that great when you have card packs and the 100% card drop system; even for new players only the first couple levels are any good because of this ^.
(12-29-2015, 08:53 AM)pimc Wrote: "the very 1st couple of levels" yes
then why stupid change to % , to screw them even more just because the high levels think stupid (99% of them)

maybe a better one is : 1st couple unchanged and starting with tier xx they become % based
this way everyone would be happy

"i am a high level and bored,i dont need that guild skill as base damage , lets post a smarty suggestion"

'first couple of levels' "yes"
So exactly if it's only useful for the first couple levels why wouldn't you change it?

Ever since the card/exp bonuses it's been very easy for lower levels to kills monsters compared to before, so the challenge system was considered a re-balance for lower levels. Even now you aren't going to rely on the guilds personal damage upgrade to completely boost your damage, course it's still very helpful (for the first couple of levels...)

Instead of posting random hate about it why not stick to your suggestion for an easy re-balance ?
Do you have any idea how easy it would be to fix something like this?

You can simply :
- make the base damage upgrade in the guild's system both damage and % boost [making it eventually become % is meh]
ex/ level 2:  + 80 damage & + 2% base damage.
- increase auto/click base damage's increase per level- by 1 until level 100
or even just buff something else...
Boom done, easy fix low levels happy; high levels happy.
Even though new players wouldn't know the difference it made...

The point is that the guild's base damage upgrade is UTTERLY USELESS for anyone >lvl 50 (I'd hope)
(12-29-2015, 10:13 AM)vosavo Wrote: You can simply :
- make the base damage upgrade in the guild's system both damage and % boost [making it eventually become % is meh]
ex/ level 2:  + 80 damage & + 2% base damage.
The % boost should be smaller if it was multiplicative. I would give it 0.5% per level.
I am a Nerd.  Angel
Or make it like card packs?

X base damage or Y% base damage, whichever is higher.
I'd like too see this happen, But there would be problems for all the low level players that play the game. Instead why not give both % and base stats as this would make it more fair for lower level players.

Or alternitavley you get base damage all the way untill rank 200 and then after rank it changes to % based bonus?
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Hipoo idea is a good one everyone is happy new player and more advanced one


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