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Pets and abilities
As we all know pets are a complete non factor atm, doing less than 5% dps in idle mode for most people and less than 1% for a lot of them.

I understand pets will be revisited at some point, until then I suggest that the crit, speed and damage abilities (3,4,5,6 on hotkeys) also affect pets.

Now in challenges it still wouldn't effect things almost at all, and during ability spam while farming it would only be a minor boost, but it might be a nice way to slightly increase their effectiveness without having to go through a complete restructuring or feeling pressured to release another balance too quickly.

plus it would look cool
that's actually a nice and simple idea! +1
Great since it's only for the 10s making them actually useful. But I don't think this would remove the fact that they still need a re-balance, they probably need a bigger increase in % damage per inferno tier/ pp skill changes.

Still + 1, till the full change happens I guess? <- Was probably your point anyways but i don't think it would take that long to do an actual re-balance.

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