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Card Pack shows total cards after opening pack.
This suggestion is to just make it easier to track cards after opening a pack. Yes people can argue just do math, it's simple addition. This is just to make it faster to keep track of cards just like how a previous patch stated which world and stage the cards are from when you open a pack.

Here a picture to demonstrate what I mean.
[Image: 303d30199bb94b2fa1e4222434db5847.png]

I would like - But only if it'd be a quick code change for Ray
I agree - if it's a simple change, please add this. For all of us with spreadsheets to keep track of cards, this would help save some time.
nice idea +1
Andez - Click Heroes
+1 seems legit
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.. +1
Pretty sure he can copy paste a line of code from the other part of the Cards menu where we can see all the cards we have Big Grin...
Definitely would love this, +1
You can usually find me here!
+1 would be great if it's easy!

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