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Auto Click/Skills
We are in a idle game, would love the option: Auto-Use all stamina/mana . Even if its cost 1 ap each, I would pay that.

Lvl 178 here, 750 stamina/mana and it takes hours to use all of it...

Auto-Click and spam skills buttons please
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Okay like other idle games, where you right click the skill and that sets it to auto use.

Most idle games tho that do this have a max auto skill use, what I mean by that is we have 6 skills in iou, using other games as a template you could only set one of these skills to auto use it self, but you could buy an upgrade (probable in the hunting upgrades) that would increase the amount of skills you can automate.

I would make an upgrade that does this max at level 3, each level gives +1 to auto skill use, level 1 you would have 2 skills on auto if he gives everyone a free auto use, if not make it an upgrade that has 4 levels to it the first level allows you to have 1 skill auto use it self, which maxes out at 4 skills auto using them selves at once.

The cost of the upgrade would be like coin count, and once your out of mana:
the skills well stop auto use until you reactive them. <--- like some idle games,
or the skill with the lest amount of mana use well just keep using mana until you turn them off. <---- like most idle games,
or make them wait 1 hour before they start auto using them selves. <--- not like any idle game I have ever played.

The game already has idle damage so the auto-click for click damage well not ever happen, but I'm all for what I posted above.
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