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New Orbs
#1:  Ascension Orb.  Ascension points plus reset timer reduction.

  1* 2 ascension points, 1 hour reduction.
  2* 8 ascension points, 2 hour reduction.
  3* 18 ascension points, 3 hour reduction.
  4* 32 ascension points, 4 hour reduction.
  5* 50 ascension points, 5 hour reduction.
  6* 72 ascension points, 6 hour reduction.

#2:  Beast Orb.  Heck if I know what it does, but it was teased!

#3:  Cost Reduction Orb.  Reduces AP cost of various things including:  Standard upgrades, wood upgrades, stone upgrades, dynamite, AP during pet arena, AP when fast tracking pet arena, pet food from shop, etc.

  1* 1% AP cost reduction.
  2* 4% AP cost reduction.
  3* 9% AP cost reduction.
  4* 16% AP cost reduction.
  5* 25% AP cost reduction.
  6* 36% AP cost reduction.

#4:  Expedition Orb.  Increases rewards of expeditions.

  1* 1% extra expedition reward.
  2* 4% extra expedition reward.
  3* 9% extra expedition reward.
  4* 16% extra expedition reward.
  5* 25% extra expedition reward.
  6* 36% extra expedition reward.

#5:  Pet Rage Orb.  Extends range of Final Blow pet map ability activation.  (Normally 25% of max HP remaining)

  1* 26% max enemy HP remaining to activate.
  2* 28% max enemy HP remaining to activate.
  3* 31% max enemy HP remaining to activate.
  4* 35% max enemy HP remaining to activate.
  5* 40% max enemy HP remaining to activate.
  6* 46% max enemy HP remaining to activate.

#6:  Nullifier Orb.  Chance to nullify damage in ship arena (AI battles only).

  1* 1% chance to nullify damage.
  2* 2% chance to nullify damage.
  3* 3% chance to nullify damage.
  4* 4% chance to nullify damage.
  5* 5% chance to nullify damage.
  6* 6% chance to nullify damage.

#7:  Card Booster Orb.  Increases Card Drop rate, Card Drop size, and Card damage.

  1* 2% increased drop rate, 3% drop size, 2% damage.
  2* 8% increased drop rate, 12% drop size, 5% damage.
  3* 18% increased drop rate, 27% drop size, 9% damage.
  4* 32% increased drop rate, 48% drop size, 14% damage.
  5* 50% increased drop rate, 75% drop size, 20% damage.
  6* 72% increased drop rate, 108% drop size, 27% damage.

#8:  Inferno Grind Orb.  Reduces max HP of mob based on Inferno tier but maintains selected Inferno tier rewards.  Uses average of all party members orb levels to calculate final reduction.

  1* Mob HP reduced 2 inferno tiers.
  2* Mob HP reduced 8 inferno tiers.
  3* Mob HP reduced 18 inferno tiers.
  4* Mob HP reduced 32 inferno tiers.
  5* Mob HP reduced 50 inferno tiers.
  6* Mob HP reduced 72 inferno tiers.

#9:  Bastion Orb.  Increase challenge timer.  (Series and regular.)  Average orb levels of all challenge party members 
are used to calculate final timer length bonus.

  1* Add 1 second to challenge timer.
  2* Add 2 seconds to challenge timer.
  3* Add 3 seconds to challenge timer.
  4* Add 4 seconds to challenge timer.
  5* Add 5 seconds to challenge timer.
  6* Add 6 seconds to challenge timer.

#10:  Treasure Orb.  Drastically improve treasure mob rewards.  Both gold AND xp.

  1*  20% better rewards.
  2*  80% better rewards.
  3*  180% better rewards.
  4*  320% better rewards.
  5*  500% better rewards.
  6*  720% better rewards.

All these orbs are so good!!! Ray, add em!
Definitely some interesting ideas here. I hadn't even really thought much beyond the beast orb, but there's no reason an arrow couldn't be added for a whole new set.
#1: Ascension Orb
i like
#3: Cost Reduction Orb
i like but could be broken af
#4: Expedition Orb.
good if it doesnt work like max rewards and being a normal multipler instead
#5: Pet Rage Orb.
i like
#6: Nullifier Orb.
fuck this shit
#7: Card Booster Orb
cool idea i like especially the carddmg and dropchance increase
#8: Inferno Grind Orb
#9: Bastion Orb.
only cool if it really gives time for series and if ray finally decides to remove all unnecessary series levels to decrease time-investment
#10: Treasure Orb
would prefer a rework of treasures above more gold

and to fulfil gand0rs request: lmao
#1: Ascension Orb
Some sort of ascension/lvl multiplier for more ascension points would be cool. Or even just a % increase so the only useful part isn't just the time reduction.
#3: Cost Reduction Orb
This would probably be pretty broken.
#4: Expedition Orb.
I would like if this is a normal multiplier to all rewards. Unless the expedition is a special crit expeditions. When those happen the crit expeditions should have a chance to get the multiplier.
#5: Pet Rage Orb.
yes just yes
#6: Nullifier Orb.
No i don't fkin need rng into ship arena.
#7: Card Booster Orb
Might as well we already gotten some other card boosts.
#8: Inferno Grind Orb
Don't feel this would be very impactful maybe a % too for balance reasons.
#9: Bastion Orb.
Ehhh I always felt it should be 30 seconds and then increase from there. There is also the struggle later that series doesn't mean much and the time investment is huge.
#10: Treasure Orb
I think ray was planning a rework for treasure anyway.
(08-06-2017, 07:07 AM)ExWhiteWolf Wrote: #6: Nullifier Orb.
No i don't fkin need rng into ship arena.

Aww but why not? Don't you want to grind your face into dust against the wall of RNG that could be?!

But yes I actually agree this probably isn't the best idea, let's just make it a straight damage reduction, 2% per orb level. Hooray!

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