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Latest Updates
First public release of the new Client & Server are out and available for testing.
The connection server appears to be crashing after a while. This stops new connections from occurring. If you are unable to connect, that is what has happened. If it persists, please try again later on. The issue is being looked at.
One issue in the connection server was resolved, and things appear to be far more stable now. I've discovered a couple things that are leading me to redesign the connection-server for better redundancy.

I'll work on an update to the build for later tomorrow to get further stability and squish a couple of the reported bugs.
Experimental Update added to the connection server to attempt to resolve the intermittent connection troubles on logins.
We'll be back up in a couple.

New update to all servers in attempts to resolve party instance issues.

Appears the connection server issue (where it was crashing) was discovered and should be rectified now.

-Demoting members should no longer reset the change after a short period
-Timer desyncs should be far less frequent now with the timers being updated frequently now
-Should be able to connect to appropriate guild members now
-Fixed: Guild member ranking out of order
-Fixed: Guild chat history is not working
-Fixed: Demoting gets rolled back
-Fixed: Donations are not showing in guild chat
-Fixed: Promote,Demote, and Kicking does not show in guild chat
-Fixed: Kill trophies not registering properly
-Fixed: Woodcutting ascension upgrade seems to come off every time we refresh
-Fixed: Attempting to donate stone while inside a challenge causes the game to get stuck at "verifying investment"
-Fixed: the guild screen isn't sorting based on rank so members are showing above captains
-Joining Guilds should now be a hell of a lot faster

Whatever else is missing from this list that was worked on!
There seems to be some issues with guild rooms / logging in for some accounts. Bear with us until tomorrow while we get the optimized loader going, and we can delve into that further.
Trying to join a party right now will get you stuck. Please wait until further notice. Solo play should work fine, as should challenges until we finalize the new loader.

-There should be no intermittency with attempting to invest under 24 hour waiting period
-Challenge queues should be working again, and with far more stability
-Complete character loading setup redesigned to reduce character load times (minus ping latency) by 80%+
-Patch notes up to date with existing service client
-Client version up to date with existing service client
-Leader exploit for allowing stone investment fixed
Testing access down for a bit
Testing should be back up now.

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