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v0.29g Patchnotes
  • -ADD: 20% temporary XP Bonus event!
  • -ADD: Zone/world regression upon failure to kill a creature!
  • -ADD: Challenge window now saves your configuration
  • -ADD: Players in a party before a challenge should now reconnect after [Potentially buggy]
  • -ADD: New challenge check system to prevent players from reaching challenges they should be locked from
  • -ADD: Auto attacks performed on dead creatures will have a reduced delay after a creature spawns (max of 750ms)
  • -ADD: Guild member integrity checker to prevent dupe members/broken member objects
  • -FIX: Support GOLD/XP rates should now work properly for all players
  • -FIX: Solo xp no longer gives party bonuses (bug)
  • -FIX: Challenge ability resets should work more cleanly
  • -FIX: HP Reduction increasing challenge monster HP
  • -FIX: Double Attack description - removed false triple attack info
  • -BALANCE: +10% auto damage after not attacking for 30 seconds
  • -BALANCE: Clix will NOT diminish if working on a zone with required kills still
  • -BALANCE: Click Dmg Upgrade modifier increased from 35% to 50%
  • -BALANCE: Speed/Damage boost abilities now cost 10 clix
  • -BALANCE: Players who beat Platinum / Ragestone challenges have had most of their status reset for those challenges
  • -BALANCE: TimeFreeze in challenges is now divided by player count
  • -BALANCE: lowered first 10 creature's levels for the 2nd ascension
  • -VISUAL: EXP scroll-text should no longer get overlayed by damage
  • -VISUAL: Added level limit potential in the open party queue window
  • -VISUAL: New tip with status for challenge queue 
  • -VISUAL: Sixth ability unlock now shown correctly as lv 100
Extra Changes:

-Base experience gains increased by 20%!
-Base gold gains increased by 50%!!
-Duo & Group, along with gold difficulty challenges made much easier!

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