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Pet Skin - Community Winners!
A big thank you to everyone who put the time and effort into a submission for the Pet Skin Community Competition.

The voting was done by the IOURPG artist Isael as well as the creator of the game, Ray.


The top 10 picks from Isael will each receive 16,000 diamonds.

Ray's picks will receive 10,000 diamonds. Even if multiple submissions won, each participant will only receive 10,000 diamonds.

All other participants will receive 5,000 diamonds, provided their submission was worthy.

Top 10 by Isael

[Image: 68IIk94.png]
Ray's Abuse of Power Picks

[Image: Uc9X4dZ.png]
Contact me with your in game name and your entry, and I will create a list of rewards to be given out for Ray. You can either private message me on this forum, Discord (Level#0923) or on Kongregate (

Rewards will be given out in 1-2 weeks.

Thanks everyone,
Community helper
Discord Username: Level#0923

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