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Pet training improvement
Pet training is bad late-game, how about changing it to current value + 1% of whatever pet tier?  So if your training gives you 8 pet food worth on a pet that requires 1000 pet food for a levelup, it would now instead give 18 (1% of 1000 is 10, plus the original 8).  Then, you increase this bonus further with the ascension point upgrades.  It could scale as follows:

Level 0:  8 + 1%
Level 1:  10 + 1.5%
Level 2:  12 + 2%

This keeps pet training worthwhile even at upper pet tiers and actually gives an incentive to being a bit more active.  To go along with this change, however, there should be a way to store at least one pet training.  In other words, even if the current training is ready and thus the timer is hidden/locked it should instead be running in the background for the full duration of the NEXT training, so you get a longer window of time to get back to the game.  I realize this still may not be enough time to make everyone happy but that type of balancing is up to Ray to decide!  I say anywhere between 12 hours and 24 hours worth of training time should be sufficient for most folk, tho.  If people can't login/play once or twice a day, they might as well not be playin at all.  Off with their heads!
I like the idea, pet training is needing a change at higher pet tiers
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