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Ascension Point Presets
EDIT: I missed a post that suggested this a few months ago when I did a forum search before writing this.
Link to irrimn's original thread:

As an individual who frequently changes his ascension perk distribution, I thought I would recommend a preset system.

A few ideas for such a system:

- A small handful of "Preset Slots" that would store separate ascension perk distributions, for example 2-4 potential slots.

- Each preset slot would have a Save, Load, and Delete option
- The Save option would save the user's current ascension perk distribution to that slot.
- The Load option would read the saved ascension perks, check that the user has enough ascension points to afford all the upgrades, then automatically clear the old ascension perks and load the levels that were saved previously for that slot.
- The Delete option would clear the preset to create an empty slot to save a preset into

- Each Preset slot could have the option to label them to allow players to label presets for things like Idle Farming, Challenges, Pet Arena, etc.

- From a balancing aspect, there could be a "convenience" cost of a couple AP like ascension perk resets used to be

I believe this would help a lot of players who change their ascension perks often, or who forget their favorite distributions, or those who just hate constantly looking through the pages for the perks you want after a reset.

I'd love to see feedback from other players.  I'm curious if anyone else likes the idea, as well as any constructive arguments against this system, either in part or its entirety.
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