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A small Fishing guide
There is no Fishing Rod Icon  Undecided  so that Bug (it's the bait to which I catch my fish) well have to do.

This guide is just going to be here on IOU forum, and may change as Ray, Jay, or any other admin change the Fishing setting.
This wont have any hard math just observations, if you want the math it well be on the wiki page, and in time someone may make an optimization calculator for fishing.

Go after pools that have 66%/75% of the fish you want, to do this you have to:
Play the waiting game; wait for the fish to change out for different fish until you get a pool you like. 

Suggested Upgrade Order:
1. Rod lvl 2(this increases the rarity of the fish you can get by 3 [lvl 1 rod gives you T1 - T4  fish (T = tier lvl or Rarity), the first 4 fish types you can get in game], this also helps you get more Pearls or Fish Upgrades as it lets you catch more types of fish)
2. Tackle lvl 2(this helps you catch those higher Tier/Rarity fish by attracting those higher Tier/Rarity, and as you lvl your tackle less lower tier fish well appear and more mid tier)

Lvl 2 cost = 5k; Lvl 3 = 25k; Lvl 4 = 125K; Lvl5 = 625K

After those upgrades there is some debate, some say Tackle lvl 3 others say Bait and Line lvl 2 first, then back to Rod and Tackle. So for now this is where this guide to fishing stops.

If your close to the cost of the boat and or knife saving up your Diamonds for the Knife and or the Boat well help a lot as these shop upgrades are permanent.
Knife: 10% to fish value.
Boat: 10% to fish quality.

If you are not close, saving up for a whistle every now and then helps a lot too, just save up your energy to near max before buying the whistle this helps you get as much of the whistle use out of it as you can.
Whistle: 1-3 Rarity lvls added for possible fish types.

You get 1 energy every 30 minutes so in 48 hours you well have 96 energy near the max of 100.

What parts of fishing are RNG (Random Number Generator):
Amount of Fish 3-4
Types of Fish (Tier/Rarity), this goes up as you lvl up the Rod and if you use whistle.
Quality of Fish. The min/max goes up by 10% with each Line lvl up, and if you have the Boat. Higher Quality equals more Fish Value.
Catching of the Fish (The main drive in the RNG system here is your Tackle lvl)

IOU wiki Fishing page
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Wow, I didn't know that the fish size even changed.

A clarification about Tackle. Does it help you catch the higher tier fish in a pool? Or does it affect the spawning rate so that you see more higher tier fish?
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I haven't gotten tackle yet but from what I've heard it affects the spawning rate so that more high rarity fish appear.

Also suggested upgrade order from what I've heard is rod, tackle, rod, tackle. Then if you want more fishing value get line, if you want to get fishing up as fast as possible get bait.

The reasoning is that rod and tackle help you get pearls significantly more than any other upgrade. Bait is only a 3% boost, and line only effects fishing value not how fast you progress in fishing.
What about the Fishing Knife and Fishing Boat diamond packs? Any information on whether or not the +10% bonuses are permanent or, like the Fish Whistle bonuses, temporary?
I'm think knife and boat should not be a priority for f2p, better keep diamonds to use whistles.

30 sacrifices cost 87050 points and the 31st is 9050, so the bonus 10% is not even 1 extra offering per day.

And it's worse when we get less points/day:
17 sacrifices cost 15810 points, 18th is 2940 (almost 20% of your daily points)

10% starts giving 2 extra sacrifices when you get enough for ~60 sacrifices (705100 points) and the next 2 cost (36050+37260=) 73310. But 2 extra sacrifices are still less than +3% daily offerings.

Of course it adds up, but for f2p players you should focus on whistle more than knife/boat imo. If you can afford any of those and still keep card bonus+whistle active, sure, go for it.
Woah, I don't see how the whistle is a bad investment for a f2p player.

Eventually it might not be worth it, but for now it just lets you get the next rod earlier. You could stop buying the whistle then.

And getting the rod earlier really ramps you up.

Also the boat doesn't even boost upgrade point production.
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Does seem like the boat and knife are worse than I originally thought, thanks for the guide!
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"lvl 1 rod gives you T1 - T7  fish" i'm only getting 1-4 tier fishes, so is that a bug?
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(05-17-2016, 06:13 PM)Goty Wrote: "lvl 1 rod gives you T1 - T7  fish" i'm only getting 1-4 tier fishes, so is that a bug?

Oops sorry fixed, forgot I had a whistle on.
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos
(05-15-2016, 03:22 AM)Mythic Wrote: Go after pools that have 66%/75% of the fish you want, to do this you have 2 options:
1. Waiting game; wait for the fish to change out for different fish until you get a pool you like.
2. Exit fishing, re-enter, and pick a spot, doing so well change the pools faster, do this until you get a pool you like. (Some people say to wait until the current pool of fish swim past your line/hook) This may not be true for long, as it my soon be fixed.

It seems like Ray fixed the re-enter trick, as now if you do it, you just see a empty pool for a few seconds after picking a spot real quick. Less there a work around, I pretty sure this doesn't work anymore.

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