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Extra EXP in Inferno Levels?
I was inexperienced at IOU until I played some more, and chatted a lot with people - then you kinda learn the basic gist of's not hard at all. If you want there's also spreadsheets that optimize+calculate everything for you so you don't have to do anything - like Zilla's IOU Calculator.

ACTUALLY I have been playing for 273 days now and I'm at level 446 being MOSTLY f2p. Mostly as in I've spent $50, which is p2p compared to f2p...but compared to the heavy people it's nothing. Takes me around 50 hours to level once now. If I was to continue down the rate I'm going it will take me around ~386 days to reach 500...but my progress will only get slower from capping auto base damage.

Now mind you this is an extra 113 days that we could get more updates (like this challenge one) to increase our dps. Things like orbs+series challenges have GREATLY increased the leveling speed of everyone. When those weren't there it took me around 1-2 months just to reach level 200, but now it takes less than a month (or a few days if you wanna be carried).

Just be patient - all of us that been playing for a while are being patient with updates. New stuff will come out, eventually, and there will be even more dps increases. With this challenge system you already get A LOT of AP + diamonds...that's very good for account levels and auto speed.
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