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Ascension Point Presets
EDIT: I missed a post that suggested this a few months ago when I did a forum search before writing this.
Link to irrimn's original thread:

As an individual who frequently changes his ascension perk distribution, I thought I would recommend a preset system.

A few ideas for such a system:

- A small handful of "Preset Slots" that would store separate ascension perk distributions, for example 2-4 potential slots.

- Each preset slot would have a Save, Load, and Delete option
- The Save option would save the user's current ascension perk distribution to that slot.
- The Load option would read the saved ascension perks, check that the user has enough ascension points to afford all the upgrades, then automatically clear the old ascension perks and load the levels that were saved previously for that slot.
- The Delete option would clear the preset to create an empty slot to save a preset into

- Each Preset slot could have the option to label them to allow players to label presets for things like Idle Farming, Challenges, Pet Arena, etc.

- From a balancing aspect, there could be a "convenience" cost of a couple AP like ascension perk resets used to be

I believe this would help a lot of players who change their ascension perks often, or who forget their favorite distributions, or those who just hate constantly looking through the pages for the perks you want after a reset.

I'd love to see feedback from other players.  I'm curious if anyone else likes the idea, as well as any constructive arguments against this system, either in part or its entirety.
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It's a great idea and I would have loved to have it when I was low and mid levels. But as you get up there you get enough ascension points that you don't worry about it as much. Over the next like 50 levels I'll start putting points in pet training and woodcutting, and then I won't have to respec.

If it doesn't take a lot of work I'd say it should be implemented. If it will take a lot of work then I'd say at minimum if/when Ray puts in new ascension skills and such he should also put in presets. I know early on there was talk about him re-working most of the ascension point skills and such. I'm not sure whether/when that is in the plans now.
AAron Storm pretty much summed it up Tongue

But I think if reset ever becomes costly this would be amazing: getting a new 'present' slot can cost AP, while loading them would be free.

Hopefully Inferno reaches a cap soon, otherwise this would become useless in later levels.

Still love it.
I definitely agree it becomes less useful as you climb through inferno, but there are also a lot of players in the lower inferno levels who struggle with the same issue. Even at level 282 I find myself re-distributing points fairly often. I do like the idea of AP to unlock the slots with them being free to use.
EdenTier0 | Level: 200 | IOU Score: 17,862 | Cards: 48,586 | Event Points: 540 | Forest 24 | Mine 103
Days Played: 516 | Guild Upgrades: 25 Dmg/8 Pet/10 XP/30 Gold | 4* Dmg/Wood/Stone/Gold Orbs
Total Gold: 346b | Total XP: 188b | Support Level: 8 | Lifetime Kills: 26.4m

Shoutout to my guildies in Love!
Ray has expressed on several occasions that he is not a fan of the current way that ascensions can just be reset whenever you want, so I doubt he will dwell into a point where he will benefit that specific feature.
Well the ascension point system was never meant to be based on free resets. Back when the game was released on Kong Ray said they would only be free for a little while to help people ease into the game. He was supposed to change it to cost AP but with the way the game is set up to heavily rely on resets, I guess he changed his mind. Ascension point preset loadable builds would be awesome. Once you get around 410 in a guild with fortress around 15, the only things you have to reset for are pet train and woodcutting. At that point you can run autos 5/5/5 and pets 5/5 if you want. I personally run 5/5/5 pets 4/5 with double train always active so I don't have to reset for it every few hours. I'd love to be able to click a button and have it auto respec for woodcutting then auto respec back. The respec builds shouldn't be free but shouldn't cost anything substantial. I'd say make it cost a few dozen AP for the slots up to a certain level. Then have the slots activate for free once you hit something like 300 or 400. The only use for them would be idle builds/challenge builds/pet train/woodcut.
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What I'd like to see is the ascension system split. Basically each level you get points to put in combat, pets, resources (wood, mine, fishing etc), and combat reward increases (exp, gold boosts). If it could be done in the right way then there wouldn't be much need to reset points since you wouldn't be moving them from combat to woodcutting and back. Wouldn't mind seeing a 24 hour reset timer in place also in that case, with a say 10 AP option to reset timer.

Maybe I'm just thinking crazy, but I can't imagine not using reset constantly at low levels as long as you have to redistribute from combat to woodcutting/pet training. As long as it was a daily choice between like extra stone or more wood and click damage or auto damage I think most people would be able to just leave it the same most days.

Would probably need more options in the ascension system, but I think that is coming anyway.
I loved this idea a few months ago, but at level 340 or so I just stopped swapping back and forth... taking the 30 points out of the woodcutting skills to get a level or 2 of speed or to make pets slightly less useless just is no longer worth it to me. I like Aaron Storm's suggestion of having points for battle/pets/resources alot. Especially if you were able to choose how many points went where... say every 5 you have to put at least 1 in each, and the other 2 go where you like. Having a little customization would be really nice.

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