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Optimal Abilities
I'm just curious, has anyone actually done the math for maximizing challenge damage from abilities?

Currently I'm using:


But I'm curious if there's a more optimal setup to use. Any info or suggestions with reasoning would be highly appreciated.

- DT
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Max speed, rest into damage. And ofc leave 25/25 on crits.
As i understand, speed from ability is multiplicative, damage is additive, so speed is better.
if your using a gdoc sheet you can play with the numbers, as extozi said the 25/25/47/100/1/1 for lvl 200 + players gives you the best challenge damage.
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It depends on how many event points you have and what level of auto/click damage boost you use, the bonus damage from those add with damage boost ability.

So you will want something around speed = damage + X + Y, where X = % from event milestone and Y = % from ascension upgrade damage boost (a weighted average between auto and click, not their sum).
Try: 25/25/74/73/1/1
Although from what has already been said, speed may be better.
I personaly run 20/27/50/100
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