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Hey guys!

Am i the only one experiencing really really heavy lags?
Like 10 seconds pass without hitting the enemy but time keeps running down etc.

Sometimes my partymember dont even hit once an enemy and it seems like im idling alone.

I always had little lags, but since today, this seems not playable anymore, what would be very sad, cause i love this game and am leading a top20 guild.

[Image: 2HwyAt0.png] <--- thats an example, normal kill time is 3-4seconds, due to lags it goes up to 28 seconds (!!!)

I hope anyone can help me or tell me this will change in the near future.

[Image: 1fmAEiF.png]

another example.

and spawn time gets up to 8-10s.

makes me want to quit right now.
A lot of people are having trouble with lag.

1) Challenges will barely start
2) Menu delays force refreshes
3) Have to refresh multiple times just to feed a few dozen pet food
4) Auto attack/all around battle lag
5) Respec lag forcing refreshes to show properly

Not everyone is having these problems. Some are having all of them, some are having a few, and some are having no problems at all. I personally am having all of these problems except battle delays. When I'm trying to chop wood/feed pet/buy upgrades and have to refresh half a dozen times to finish those actions, it definitely makes you not want to play anymore. Keep in mind though that these issues are out of the control of the developer. I believe it's mainly because Yahoo has a bunch of pigeon toed hamsters running on treadmills to power their servers.
Poems > Insane: "I need a party with similar dps"
Insane > Guild: "He's rudely demanding to be carried by 30m dps people, kick him now"
Guild > Poems: "We have proof you were rudely demanding to be carried"
Poems > Everyone: "Show a screenshot of it"
Everyone > Poems: "We can't, but his word is enough for us"

May be provide ur location where u play then Ray can trace back to the source why u lag :v like me GMT+7 VN , lag free here
This is probably part of the reason that Ray is switching service providers.

Basically yes people are having problems. The problems have been intermittent and from what Ray has said Yahoo isn't planning on putting in a permanent fix to keep them from continuing to happen. So Ray decided he would switch to a different server provider that will maintain and fix their systems.

Pretty sure that the server transfer will finish early December. Unfortunately changing service providers seems like more work than just flipping a switch. It sounds like Ray has had to go through most of his code changing stuff to work with a different group of servers.

Anyway as for the issues they seem to start and stop, so if you are having them now in a few hours or tomorrow at the latest they will go away. It's a pain but the game is worth it since in a few weeks or less it should stop happening.
thx for your answers guys, at least im not alone with this.
today it gets even worse with connecting... like every 10minutes.

this cant go on like this Sad
Have you tried decreasing quality from settings and clicking outside of the game window when you are not active so that the damage numbers don't show up?
My lag has been incredibly bad today. I haven't really had any issues before this...

My graphics has been set to Awful for several weeks now, and I tried clicking outside the game window but the animation on the hunting screen is still very choppy and slow. My pet training/claim/expedition timers aren't counting down so I need to refresh the page or just guess and click when I think they're ready. Mining loot and trophy notification take very long to pick up/scroll up.

Any word on the server change timeline? Any other tips to help with this or do I just wait it out?

Edit: Seems like the third restart of the day has solved my choppiness. If it doesn't act up again I'll just blame my old laptop.
Indeed this is usually caused by an ugly cluster on the Yahoo service. Usually reinstancing just causes further problems.

The new service should offer servers around the world, and I hope to expand the party system so players can try to group with like-located users to avoid the (p)lag(ue) and experience the game more appropriately.


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