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#BlameBob competition!
[Image: mkkqr4.png]
[Image: tostada-al-suelo-800x600.jpg]
[Image: 10z7deg.jpg]
I blame Bob for me losing interest in this game with the latest "updates"

im sorry, this also had me scrap everything i had planned/prepared for this competition.
I woke up this morning and someone had eaten my homework. #BlameBob

I got home and found out i had been offline all day because my laptop got un-plugged.  #BlameBob
blaming bob for the recent troubles [Image: blamebob.png]

[Image: thump_9474672420.png]

#IBlameBob  Angel
Instakill Guild
Being on a laptop this was a little hard to draw so here's my first entry:

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[Image: TkiJxPK.png][Image: wh0wwcP.png]

"You definitely can't have two accounts with the same in-game name, though. I tried =P" (if the text is too small to read)

Maybe some of you had this problem,
#Blamebob for not being able to use the names we wanted (he probably took them first) !
[Image: 94FuP4a.gif]

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