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#BlameBob competition!
Heya guys, Bob here.

If you've been around the game's Chatzy long enough you'll probably be well aware of a certain fad that has come about in the past weeks.  In short, being the new (at the time) community manager I've been to blame (jokingly, of course) for all manner of things going wrong with the game.  It's helped to take just a bit of the sting out of the recent server instability at any rate, so I thought I'd go on ahead and use that meme as the theme for this friendly competition.

Here's what we want:  Come up with something else to blame me for!  It can be big or small, explained through text or images...get creative!  Just remember to keep these jokes lighthearted and wacky in nature; there's no need to blame me for something controversial like politics or religion.

The limit for submissions per player is two entries. I know you're all bristling with ideas, so try to whittle it down to your best two. Wink

I'll talk with Ray about what the prizes should be.  We haven't fully decided yet.  (Blame me for that too if you want.)

As for a judging scheme, I'm currently thinking of a system where the community gets to be a part of deciding things.  Specifically there would be crowd favorites that would be considered alongside my favorites and (assuming he finds the time) Ray's favorites.  I'll reveal the exact details later on, after we begin judging the entries.

Have fun!
I blame you because my girlfriends not hot enough, cmon man can't you do something about that?
I blame bob for not trying hard enough to become number one in IOU. All he wants to do is help people, and make other people better than himself, and not being selfish. For being very nice, and always helping, because that make all of us look bad.... damn you bob #BlameBob love respect war... boobs

ps~~~ thanks for helping with alt Wink
I blame Bob for making Spongebob live in a potato under the sea, stop eating pineapples Bob.
I blame Bob for Pluto not being a planet anymore. What did Pluto ever do to you? #BlameBob
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Level 467
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Years ago, as a young child, I played with all of my imaginary friends, but I had two that were my favorites and I played with them more than any others. They were like my brothers.

The first ones name was Ray, and he was like an awesome older brother. We would go on adventures, we would play games, and he would stand up for me when I got made fun of by my other friends.

The other friend was Bob, and he was like the evil twin I never had, we would do everything together. One time we were at school, and Bob thought it would be a good idea to ditch class during recess, so we climbed over the fence ran down the street to the local arcade. We played through about half of my mom’s money stash before we got caught by the owner and he called the school, so we decided we should probably get out of there. Then left and went downtown. We saw this guy breathing fire out of his mouth and asked if he could teach us, so he handed us this flaming stick and told us to breath in. I could breath fire too now! but it didn’t make me feel good, so I decided not to do it anymore. Then we went home to play videos games. My mom came home and was furious. I told her it was bob’s fault

Me and my imaginary friend were playing with my little sister down by the train tracks. Bob thought it was a good idea to play rescue the princess before the trains came, but we weren’t fast enough...

Bombard a drab mob.
UFO tofu.
Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo,
A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Was raw tap ale not a reviver at one lap at Warsaw?
Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
Nurse, I spy gypsies run!
Snug & raw was I ere I saw war & guns.
Star Wars awe was raw rats
Star comedy by Democrats
Rise to vote, sir!
Red rum, sir, is murder.
Boon Noob.

#BlameBob for palindromes.
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Instakill Guild
Does your party keep disconnecting?
Is the game lagging?
Blame Bob
Five food from a code
Kicked for doing challenges
Party left you alone over night
Blame Bob
Computer overheating
Energy bills keep going up
Running low on money to support my addiction
Blame Bob
Wife's mad at me for spending our food money on a game
She packed up her stuff and took the kids with her to her sisters house
A month later she divorces me and takes full custody but I got what I wanted 
Blame Bob
Just a computer and me in this empty house
No car to get to work so I sit and watch the experience go up
The power goes out and I'm all alone with one single thought on my mind
Blame bob

[Image: keep-calm-and-blame-bob.png]

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