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v0.51 Zeta Patchnotes
v0.51 zeta - Jul 27, 2015
 Event Building Rates Doubles
 -ADD: New Guild Building: Fortress
 -ADD: Max Pet Tier increased to 10 (from 8)
 -ADD: Max trophy level increased to 100 (from 90)
 -ADD: Max woodcutting increased to 25 (from 22)
 -ADD: New Improved Party Filtering system
 -ADD: Backend party/guild reinstancing system to avoid requiring patches to resolve server-side issues
 -ADD: New additive 3% gold boost per inferno level
 -ADD: New multiplied 3% damage boost on pets per inferno level
 -FIX: Verifying investment window not disappearing for new guild users
 -FIX: Stable should no longer have the altar background
 -FIX: Next planet tip should no longer show for those on the 10th planet
 -FIX: Issue with players not being removed from parties after quitting
 -FIX: Guild leaders are now exempt from the 24 hour delayed stone investment period
 -FIX: Code entries are now trimmed of leading/trailing spaces to prevent copy/paste error confusion
 -FIX: Confirmation added for Card Boost purchases
 -FIX: Event pack tip should now actually open the event pack
 -FIX: Party search by name should no longer be case sensitive
 -VISUAL: Guild Members are now sorted by Rank, then Level
 -BALANCE: New level requirement alternatives for unlocking duo/group challenges
 -BALANCE: Groups of 3 and 4 now have a more rewarding rate of gold/xp
 -BALANCE: Event research upgrade costs reduced for 50+ (Except deconcentration)
 -BALANCE: Inferno creature levels now increase by 15 per world
 -BALANCE: (Experimental - potentially temporary) 30% XP Boost on players who have completed all required zones, but have not yet reached the required level to ascend

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