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Paint.exe IOU
I'm busy dealing with mostly questions, suggestions, complaints, bugs, and code all day. It would be a great touch to see some color in the forum...

Design an image related to Idle Online Universe using only paintbrush (Paint.exe), and it's tools. 


Jul 26 - Aug 2nd

2 Entries max per person. Must both be contained in the same post or will not qualify

The pictures will be judged and rated after the competition is over, and prizes will be given to your primary character if you reach the top 5. I don't care if it looks like it was done by a child - it's paintbrush! ...Have fun with it.

Place Prizes:
  1. $100 Diamond Pack + Pet Pack
  2. $50 Diamond Pack + Pet Pack
  3. $25 Diamond Pack + Pet Pack
  4. $25 Diamond Pack
  5. $10 Diamond Pack $25 Diamond Pack
I wish I could give a participation reward but that may end up to be too much. away. This topic will be locked after Aug 2nd.
Sounds like a great idea! and a lot of fun ill edit this post with mine! XD

EDIT: i had so much fun making that! I could not stop laughing! XD it is suppose to be a pet virus that i named pumpkin head!

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IGN: Rovian
Level: 438
IOU Score: 53247

If only I was good at paint Tongue will be adding mine on here soon

Think it turned out pretty good  Big Grin

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ill just submit this

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Haha nice. Will make something tomorrow and edit this post! Already have some fun ideas Big Grin
[Image: Ay6eQV1.png]

Edit: heard you want more of these dank memes

[Image: 1lgKIpk.png]
[Image: Worlds.png]

[Image: bacterial_agent_i.png]
You can usually find me here!
[Image: iou.jpg]

me and my bat fighting cauldron of treasure ^_^
I spent so much time with Niblet in level 4/11 to grind exp so i felt bad for him.
Everyone killed him thousands times so i decided to make for him a drawing and propose to give him a reward:
Level 4/11 should now be known as "Nibletown" and we gave him some holidays stoping killin ghim for few days.

Ps: ouch, i think the gream repaer listend to us, he is going to catch him!!!!

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