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Game freezing during certain events
I'm not exactly sure when this started, maybe 2 patches ago, but it seems when I try to do something too quickly my game will lock up until I refresh the page.


When I do woodcutting, if I click too fast it will stop chopping the tree and all other functions will be frozen. The game will continue killing the monster it's on but will not go to the next one. I can still click stuff but nothing will actually work.

This also happens sometimes with mining when I hold the Enter key down to mine quicker.

Also, it will do this to me during challenges if I click my mouse too quickly, except for them it will just boot me out of the group but not actually cause the game to freeze.

The really strange thing is that for the woodcutting and mining, it doesn't happen 100% of the time. However, kicking me out of a challenge has happened every single time I've tried so far.
Out of curiosity do you use a key input repeater or anything nonstandard like that?

Do all browsers do this for you?

Not that I think the above are the cause, I'm just curious because this issue is a totally new one for me.
I don't use any auto clicker or auto keyboard program, no.

And I don't know if all browsers do this, I only play on Firefox.
After today's patch, I am still having these problems.
Which url do you play from?
Hmm, in hindsight, it sounds like you're just losing connection. What's your Internet speed and what country are you located if you don't mind my asking?

This is the only report of this issue currently, and I don't see anything wrong on the account itself.

I also wonder if maybe a firewall or AV is blocking it because of all the packets?
My current internet service is around 30 MBS and I'm in the US. I've only been having this problem for about a week and a half. I haven't changed my anti-virus or firewall in a long time, although I suppose it's possible something within them could have been changed without me knowing. I'm using Avast as both my AV and Firewall if it helps.

Is is possible this could be a flash player problem?
It's hard to tell. Flash player itself shouldn't just stop sending packets or anything.

I've gone ahead and uploaded a new client to troubleshoot this a little better - if you can refresh and log on time it happens, try:

  1. Hit F2 to open the console
  2. type /status and press enter to submit the command
  3. Click Copy All
  4. Paste the short log in a post here using CTRL+V, or right clicking into the box and clicking Paste

It will include tiny details on the connection status - might help us verify if you are in fact getting disconnected or not.
Ok, as soon as my tree chops is at full, I can just spam click the tree and that should cause the problem.

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