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v0.46 Epsilon Patchnotes
v0.46 epsilon - Jul 1, 2015
 -ADD: Auto / Click Damage upgrade caps increased by 10 per inferno level with new major damage bonuses
 -ADD: Enter Key Mining!
 -ADD: Anyone in a team can now kick offline members until a better party management system is implemented
 -ADD: You can now see member counts in the guild panel
 -ADD: Trophy Cap increased to 90 (from 80)
 -ADD: Expedition caps increased to 15 (from 10)
 -ADD: Confirmation for guild member kicking
 -ADD: New Console system for resolving and troubleshootin issues over time
 -FIX: Altered trophy expedition reduction - it should reduce properly now
 -FIX: Setting guild to open when no slots are available will now give an error
 -FIX: Several guild/party integrity issues cleaned - more to come

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