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v0.05a Patchnotes
v0.05a - Dec 10, 2014
  •  -ADD: You can now see your Ability Points/Unlocks in the upgrades section
  •  -ADD: You can now reset your ability distribution for 5 AP
  •  -ADD: You can now see teammates level
  •  -ADD: Zone changing will now auto scroll to focus the zone you are in.
  •  -FIX: Guild toggle should display the correct settings now
  •  -FIX: Grouping is limited to 2 players now, not infinity.
  •  -FIX: Cursor will no longer switch when mousing over gold
  •  -FIX: Pet evolving will now update to other party members
  •  -FIX: Abilities will now work properly in teams
  •  -FIX: Timefreeze should now display properly in teams
  •  -FIX: Progress should show in teams correctly now
  •  -VISUAL: Pets, Click, Auto and Teammate damage now has different colors
  •  -VISUAL: Altered background color scheme of currencies in the top hud
  •  -VISUAL: Play / Register buttons swapped positions

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