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Questions on Party-Mechanics and Inferno..
So, I been playing for a while...level 110... still got a few questions...

First-- In parties, what is the way it calculates xp and gold gain? Is it diminished/split in a different way in groups of 3 vs 2 or vs solo? Or is it just the same as if you were solo except you are killing faster?

Second-- Inferno. Still really don't understand this at all. Do you go through all the monsters to the end, and after kill Ifrit unlock the next inferno level? Rinse and repeat? What is the difference in one inferno level vs. the next? Other than card drop... just monster HP? Do players have to have killed all mobs in previous inferno level for you to party with them @ your inferno level?

Third-- Acension #3. I had read somewhere it was level 130; now I can't find proof there is a 3rd acension at all. If there is, is it level 130 and after killing Ifrit? If there is no 3rd acension (yet) do you just start at inferno while still 2nd acension? If so, when does that start? Immediately after killing Ifrit?

1)the exp amount divided depend on how large ur party is then that exp will be raise depend on ur upgrade etc.. (vip, gold rate, exp rate)
2)after u reach lv 130 and defeat ifrit u will enter infer lv 0 the cards drop chance in inf is 1/500 and the drop amounts is 1 + (Random from 0 to Inferno Tier Level), in inf all mobs is available and each inf lv the lv of mobs raise like this (101+infernoTier*101) for example : inf lv 3 1st mob lv 404, 2nd 408, 3rd 412 and so on
3)3rd ascension mean inferno system, after u reach lv 130 and defeat ifrit u can ascend and gain 40 ascension points :v and it only start when u choose to ascend :3
Thanks that clear up a lot

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