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v0.44 Epsilon Patchnotes
v0.44 epsilon - June 20, 2015
 -ADD: New Event: Spring Revenge
 -ADD: New Event Expedition system
 -ADD: New Guild Building: Altar
 -ADD: New Guild Building: Stable
 -ADD: Trophy cap increased to 80
 -ADD: Resets are free for a while!
 -FIX: Backend code registration issue with codes that were too long or short
 -FIX: The teasing 3rd ascension tip when below level 130
 -FIX: Reduction Trophy Upgrades should now work properly
 -FIX: Guild upgrades that affect pet damage should now show the improvement in the training window
 -FIX: Spamming popup for forest 17 and above requirements resolved
 -FIX: Bug with fast track crediting for your best+1
 -FIX: Further improvements on connection integrity issues
 -FIX: Issue with challenges still failing after completion
 -FIX: Pet training timer should update immediately after increasing Pet Train Reduction
 -FIX: Multiple Code Redeems should be possible without having to close and re-open the code window
 -FIX: Character sheet damage stats should update on card bonus updates now
-VISUAL: Updated a few upgrade descriptions...still a WIP

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