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v0.43 Epsilon Patchnotes
-ADD: Opened Guild Building - Guild Hall
 -ADD: Guild XP/Personal Guild Upgrade System
 -ADD: New damage boost bonuses to Support Levels
 -ADD: Personal Guild Upgrade: Base Damage
 -ADD: Personal Guild Upgrade: Pet Damage
 -ADD: Personal Guild Upgrade: XP Rate
 -ADD: Personal Guild Upgrade: Gold Rate
 -ADD: New hover text system for short-term notifications
 -ADD: Guild Bonus (damage) in character stats page
 -ADD: (Backend) Backup system for disbanded guilds
 -ADD: Member last online status added
 -ADD: Open party listing now shows player count
 -FIX: Ascension text description
 -FIX: Bug where appointed leaders could not leave their guild
 -FIX: Card bonus should now update automatically without requiring a relog
 -FIX: Zone progress should no longer increment falsely or show up while in challenges
 -FIX: You can now leave SOLO challenges
 -FIX: Issue with adventure scores not updating properly for top players
 -FIX: Stronger consistency with pack purchases
 -FIX: Treasure Damage should now SHOW additional damage to treasures
 -FIX: Several desync/connection issues have been resolved

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