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Challenge Problem
I'm a new player, and I just completed the first Duo Challenge  (Rats!)... however, I did so at the very last second... both the success window (showing the rewards) and the fail window came up.

Upon looking into it further, the challenge shows as being completed (with a big green check), and I got the challenge coins, but I did NOT get the base damage bonus.

Do I need to do it again?   Or is this something that needs to be fixed?
I'd try to do it again, but I suspect now that it's flagged as completed you won't get anything additional from it. You can also try to refresh you page, just in case it may recalculate things correctly. Otherwise... yea bug.
What's your character name in the game? I'll take a look
(06-07-2015, 01:41 AM)Ray Wrote: What's your character name in the game? I'll take a look

Wildfire2099 is also the character name.  Thanks!
Possibly due to idle bonus damage skewing before/after, or maybe it needs a refreshed client.

Got exactly the same Problem as Wildfire2099 at the Rats! Silver-Duo Challange.

Defeated the boss at exactly 0 seconds and both the success window and the fail window popped up. Now the Challange is marked as completet but i didnt get the base damage bonus nor the CM.

Character Name = Cuendillar

Edit: Ok, did it again now, this time defeated the boss without a problem and now got everything properly - so it was just the check, that was confusing me.
I think mine did this too..but I haven't noticed the dmg difference (didnt think to check against) .. hm ..but i def. remember seeing both FAIL and succeed at time the same just when finished very close to 0 seconds remaining. How can I check to see if I missed out on a dmg bonus myself?
I was able to do the challenge again today, and finish easily.... I got the 'congratuations' pop up and the 2 additional base damage... not any other rewards though (so, nothing was duplicated).

So it seems the practical solution is do it again, though I'm sure Ray will still want to find what went wrong.

One other thing... when returning from the challenge, it screws up your group... your group no longer shows up, but the 'quit now' button is there, rather than 'find a group'... and it doesn't allow you to click on it. I had to refresh and re-login to be able to get back into a group.

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