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Explanation of Inferno?
I'm just not 100% clear on what it is?
I understand you can get cards faster at higher inferno levels (I think..?)
Other than that I really don't understand it all.
ok i'll try to put this in to the best words i can Smile inferno is just like asc 2 aka all the same nps ... but now your card rate is

1-500 Smile way better and a new button pop up on the hunting map it says inferno mode this new button lets you the player at

will set your inferno lvl witch let you pick all most 100% watch lvl you want the npcs to be witch i love by the way lol and by

upping the inferno you keep the 1-500 odds of getting a card but start getting odds of getting more cards at a time ... wish i

could type better but will it's the best i can do lol
Card drop = 1 to 1+(lv of inferno )
example:inferno tier 3 = drop 1-4 cards
Are the mobs stronger in inferno? More exp/gold?

No 25-step-rise after 300, like in every other asc tier.
exp and gold mechanic still the same and the mob like 9ill said

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