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I'll be including a tab window feature (Hold TAB to preview a mass of information on statistics, and other info that would be nice to have access to without opening a multitude of windows.

Some examples are IOU score, how long until your next expedition completes, etc. 

Let me know what you would like to see in this window before I implement it Smile
I think, the most Important Stuff is the "Time till"

Time till expedition is over.
xx/xx Wood Charges
xx/xx Mine Charges
Time till Pet feed is avaible.

Summary of your Combat Stats
Summary of your Pet/Pets Stats
Gold per Hour or Gold in last 30/60 Seconds
Time till Level up or EXP/h

Such Stuff...

Gold in the last 60 seconds as well as XP in the last 60 seconds would probably be pretty good for more casual or carefree players.

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