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v0.03a Patchnotes
  •  -ADD: New character level up system! EXP purchases swapped out for ability distributions upon level up to simplify the process significantly.
  •  -ADD: Guilds! Create or join one, NOW!
  •  -ADD: Open Guild Listing System!
  •  -ADD: PARTY SYSTEM. Join guildmates battles; yes you can literally hop in and battle things together. Balance issues will be resolved next patch. Party Allow Toggle system included in Guild Manage panel.
  •  -ADD: Ascension system!
  •  -ADD: Second pet! Available after your first ascend
  •  -ADD: RARE SPAWNS! A small chance for massive treasures to spawn. Destroy it in time to receive insane amounts of gold. 
  •  -ADD: This patch notes window & Sound Effect!
  •  -ADD: Sound effect on error: "Uh oh!"
  •  -FIX: Claim Boxes should reappear after day rollovers
  •  -FIX: Daily Bonuses should appear after day rollovers
  •  -FIX: Exploit to claim rewards multiple times
  •  -FIX: All buttons should now either toggle or have a mouse over/down effect.
  •  -FIX: Upgrades that have reached max level will no longer confuse players with the fake option to continue upgrading.
  •  -BALANCE: Double attack skills reduced by 80%
  •  -BALANCE: Speed upgrades changed from 5% to 0.5%
  •  -BALANCE: Speed Upgrade caps increased from 5 to 100
  •  -BALANCE: Speed Upgrade costs doubled
  •  -BALANCE: Base Damage Upgrade cost quadroupled
  •  -BALANCE: TimeExtension Upgrade cost doubled
  •  -BALANCE: HPReduction Upgrade cost tripled
  •  -BALANCE: GoldCoinCount Upgrade cost x10
  •  -BALANCE: World GoldRate Upgrade cost doubled
  •  -VISUAL: Nearly the entire interface has been completely revamped! Plenty left to do, but on track with beta preparations.
  •  -VISUAL: New Improved Diamond Icon
  •  -VISUAL: New Improved Trophy Icon
  •  -VISUAL: New Hover Tip system. More to be done with this.

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