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Dev Diary 2 :: 2014 :: Dec 1 - 7
Last week was pretty insane for the amount of work done on the game. I finally felt a bit burnt out after getting only a couple hours of sleep each night, on top of attending classes and dealing with Black Friday / Holiday events in other projects.

However there's no stopping the momentum of the game's development, 10 minute break is up!

I spent a couple hours working with the artist i've contracted for helping with some of the UI Design. We went through a LOT of the game windows and worked out ways they can be improved. I'm expecting her side of things done later this week, so we won't really see those improvements until next week probably.

I have also had a couple of awesome testers between my brother and my son. I expected a bias opinion and was pleasantly surprised by some of the great suggestions. I'm hoping plenty more to come for the semi-private alpha stage of the game.

Anyways, first thing is first...the game is addicting and fun -at times-. It's missing a key ingredient of alternative gameplay. For an idle game, there's quite a bit to do...and far more than most idle games, however that's just not enough for the alpha release. After spending a very long time stressing an addition to make things a little more sweet for the release, these are the changes/additions i'll be working towards this week:

Character Level System *
  • We have experience...and we have abilities you can purchase with that experience. But shouldn't experience be for leveling up? Shouldn't abilities be increased with 'points'? Yes. So i'll be setting up a level system for characters, and each level will give the player an ability upgrade or unlock. This massive change will be quite a bit of work but I think it will make the experience system a lot more enticing, and the game more 'fun with numbers' than it is currently.
  • Abilities will be unlocked at specific levels. The abilities that are unlocked are UP TO YOU. You can choose the order that the abilities are unlocked instead of having a stale 'same for everyone' build. 
Guilds *
  • A guild creation system
  • An open guild listing system so players can join an open guild. No need to wait for an invite!
  • Inviting other players and accepting/declining invites, unfortunately due to the time constraints will have to wait for now. Just join the open guilds as there won't be many initially anyhow Smile
  • Expecting to expand A LOT on the guild system. As I really want with the pet system, I want the guild system to be absolutely top notch. Your guild will be your IOU friends and family, and I don't want it to be like most other games where it's just random people and monotonous socializing.
Party System
  • This is the big one right here. Idle games are NOT multiplayer, they do NOT save your progress on a server. IOU is multiplayer, and IOU handles everything on why don't we connect you guys? Smile
  • This system will be quite a venture in the current game mechanics, and while it won't be perfect, I intend to make it ready for the next build, however unlikely to be ready for next monday just yet.
  • Each player in a party will receive their own loot, and the penalties will be very minor.
  • You can expect ~60-75xp, from a creature who normally gives 100xp, in a party of two. Instead of halving it and each player receiving 50. This is nothing new among many games, but worth mentioning.
  • I'm going to support parties of up to 6 players, however will only be releasing a system to allow 2 for regular campaign. The future of guild battles will support up to 40+ players, and Inferno Team-Mode (future release) will support 6.
  • The game is built around this idea! This is NOT GOING TO RESET YOUR CHARACTER
  • When you ascend, you'll receive Ascension points!
  • When you ascend, you will not lose anything other than Adventure progress. Your level, upgrades, pet, etc will remain the game.
  • When you ascend, you start back on the alpha planet, zone 1, where the creatures level will be significantly higher than '1' to start, and each zone will be 1 level higher.
  • Ascending is not exactly repetitive. Bigger rewards, and you'll actually unlock new worlds and a second pet by ascending.
  • Eventually there will be a lot of ascensions available, providing thousands of levels of gameplay, always with new content unlocks.
Trophy Upgrades
  • Earned a bunch of trophies? Yippity doo dah is all you can currently feel about it, other than being awesome on the top rank lists. 
  • This will allow you to spend trophies on account upgrades to make the trophy/achievement system that much more rewarding.
I have a ridiculous amount of things in motion lined up but I highly doubt i'll be able to get the above done this week, so that's all for now. I don't expect to have a progress update until next week.
Decided to add a quick new feature to make things a bit more rewarding...

There's a small (quite small) chance that a special 'treasure' will spawn as a boss. Depending on the rarity of the treasure spawn, the rewards can be between 25x to over 300x+ your regular reward.

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