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Answers from Ray - 8/8/2018 -> 6/10/2018
Guild wars! With results based more on participation (enrol, meet timed objectives) than actual guiild level. Maybe use a secondary currency o arm/explore guild.
- If we tackle anything like this it wont be for a long time. I prefer competition via parallel where it isn't specifically verse another guild.

Would it be possible to add Wishing Well to the Building Restrictions panel to prevent new players wasting their gold?
- Live and learn newbies! If this is highly desired among the community I have no issue working it out.

Also the new members club button, instead of taking us to the guild can it take us to the building itself so we don't have to scroll over to it?
- Late to reply to this. Was done.

Short version: Update party card totals on map change or a command with a minute timer on it to manually call for that information)
Long version: Can it update party information on map change? Or if not on map change for server spam reason, perhaps a command with a timer on it and it would tell us how long before we could use the command again? Specifically for card totals on current mob. It can take minutes for that information to change and it makes optimizing card hunting a drag waiting for everyones information for the current map to load so you know if you can want to stay at the current map as a party or move to the next one because everyone already has the current goal.
- We are currently working on a major new parsing for personal stat information with the Unity client that will be previewable soon. With that in mind we'll look at expanding parsing of party members as well.

Now that mining is on its way to a healthy daily/weekly growth instead of relying on Dynamite pushes and that dynamite damage carries over next mine, would you consider either: 
::removing the trophy and making the dynamite 8000 base damage so we can also spend our dynamite on this daily/weekly basis without the headache of respeccing it ?
::removing the cap on the trophy to make it a bit more worth it?
This might be necessary especially if you release other AP sinks(will you?) that will render dynamite(other than the free ones) pretty much useless.
- I'm working on a major revamp of the mining as it is. It will likely contradict your points here.

Higher max nrg capacity?
- I feel like it's in a good spot currently, so probably not.

What is the long-term plan for wood?  Is your plan to have a valuable long-term sink for wood such that investing in wood production improvements is a good long-term strategy, or is the intention to keep mining capped such that players with decent wood production will always be at the maximum mine level with no other sinks for wood?
- I'm looking at a significant revamp of mining to raise the depth cap, along with raising the wood tree cap to up to 70

Can we have a timer on event, maybe just days/hours. to know the time till its over? so we could plan accordingly
- Unfortunately my life is too chaotic right now to be able to assure specific times. When Unity comes along, if I can get Jay & Kay to manage these things safely, then that will be possible.

Will we have a +1 stone chance orb?
- Nope. It would devalue too much over time, or be too powerful if otherwise.

Would it be possible to at least remove confirmation  (YES/NO) when unlocking a new node in PetMap? It could save already a lot of clicks when reseting map. It could be enable/disable in options.
[Image: 82pFueP.png]
- Removed that confirmation completely for the next patch.

QoL featire: allow to save specs for ascension points distribution/trophy points/legendary points, all combined. Allow us to switch to those specs instantly. Either calculate AP cost outcome on fly or give it a fixed cost. maybe even separate em into Asc/Trophy/Leg pts and have like 3-5 slots to save. IF its not too time consuming. Its not too hard ot spend an hour or two per month just clicking/assigning/reassigning. But sometimes due to haste you just forget some parts and meet the consequences, cuz it quickly gets old
- Unfortunately I doubt we would be able to set this up in a clean way.

Can we get a gold logs orb?
- Yes probably.

To Ray/Jay/any_developer_of_this_game: I have 2 questions. 
1. Did you think to do something with PVP in this game or it will stay the thing at which most people don't want spend a second? 
2. If you want to make reset of ships possible, may be we need also 2 branches for ships builds in the game (PVP and PVE)? Thank you.
- 1: I don't think people want us looking at PvP really right now to even improve it.
- 2: That is probably something we could do down the road. It won't have such a feature when the reset ability hits soon though.

Another QoL change - better distinguish locked/unlocked guild buildings. im not blind but i have to put my face RIGHT into the monitor at 10inch distance to visually distinguish an unlocked building from all the locked ones. but usually i end up clicking all the buildings. iunno maybe im doing something wrong. i tried awful/best quality of flash. you cant really distinguish em
i know ppl write it in the guild disclaimer. usually. but that doest help the fact that without it its hard to find a building. maybe if only once is active give its some ouline/shine something
- This is something I can bring up to Kay for the Unity version. I agree as i've had the same feeling with that window.

Add a reminder for daily pet arena claims. We have ones for wood/stone/pet train/fishing/membership claim, but not for fasttracking pet arena. Would be pretty useful
And make it appear before the pet train one so we do that before training and be more efficient 
- Added to my short-list. No promises though.

Maybe implement train all for pets so it trains both pets as much as it can
- Added to short-list. Might be able to get this rolling.

Can you guys add mine depth and current tree of guild members to the /export command?
This would be useful, in order to aid guild members improving their rank in the guild. Calculating statistics, and making calculated decisions based on the stats of the members of the guild.
- Export at this point will no longer be updated for the flash version, sorry.

Will the next event have cumulative energy claim? This is one thing the upgraded rpg event had right! energy claim automatic and unlimited! If you wish to wait until you have 600 to spend thats fine, if you spend daily it is also fine... please make it so for the match event !! Big Grin
- The next event is Halloween now, and should have that.

Add another button in the mining interface "Mine Level" which only finishes your current level. Would be useful to people who aren't at maximum depth.
- Mining is getting a big revamp shortly

What is the time estimate on Unity release now?
- Test version for feedback as we continue to work on it should be out within the week. For Live? Will be a while.

Do you and the members of your team play iou and have characters of your own? Besides test. And leave them running 24/7?
- I used to all the time. Unfortunately I couldn't keep up with it. Isael & Kay play a bit, and Lynn I believe is fairly active.

Make a dynamite version for the tree, maybe that would be an idea... I always find that tree is the limiting factor for moving deeper in mine
- This has been suggested a lot but just hasn't ever received such a mechanic.

Can we please draw pet food tiles in event a lil differently? maybe make em darker or something? when you have both pet food any dynamite pop up, they look all too similar. hard to distinguish on glance, probably if desaturate it a lil, or just make a lil darker, or a lil different background or something. ofc only a few thousand ppl will experience that torture for a few minutes in their life. but maybe if not now, maybe a bit later?
[Image: UCHRCBY.png]
- Yeah the colors there are too similar. Unfortunately Match3 event may be permanently over though. If we pick it back up in Unity we will look at that.

Tbh this event is so good why dont we make it a daily minigame later, persistent, roll 4 different resources, have 25 energy. do it, just do it!
- Probably not lol.

Ray, are you having fun coding?
Always remember that people like your game?
- I enjoy developing new features a lot....but that's far and few. I used to wake up and just enjoy coding all day, but with how busy things have gotten, it's quite infrequent. Hoping as things settle that I'll get that same feeling more often.

Claim and repeat should NOT just claim if you dont have enough fuel to repeat. its convenience in style of sticking ap button to auto/click damage dont know why you just dont remove em since their only point is to trick you every level. but that one isnt good too.
tl/dr. claim and repeat should claim and repeat. or just say thats insufficient fuel and dont do anything
- I believe this is fixed for the new test version? If not tag me.

Hey Ray, quick question. What time is it?
- Eastern Time. The only time.

Is there a mod coming to where we can set our group up, to let say 1 million cards, when all people get it, it auto moves to next mob, with a boss skip option
- Not planned in the near future....even with potential party system changes this is unlikely.

It would be helpful to have timestamps in relation to each other
Eg if its for current day, just time.  If past days, add date.  Otherwise just add dates for all
[Image: VqAkAGq.png]
- The flash client is so tiny that it's too difficult to ensure that in the current state of chat. Perhaps Kay can develop a better system for this in the Unity version; the problem is mobile will have the same fate.

I was thinking that anything that could make the game more lively would be good, any multiplayer feature like World/guild raids or global events where player interacts, things like that because right now aside from push you can clearly see that the game is stagnant and it's not really fun.
- Well hopefully we can fill that void soon.

I would love to get a countdown timer after a ship expedition is done, until it wont regen more fuel.
[Image: NkM5Wvy.png]
- This is an unlikely addition right now

Can we have the trophy upgrades NOT shuffle on refresh or whatever. I really don't see the point in having the upgrades move around instead of staying in the same place at all times like asc/leg upgrades.
- This isn't intended, it's just based on updated properties on the account. The resolution for the flash version is far more annoying than you'd think as they are all dynamic, not static.

A Suggestion.. When we open the console it automagically will let you start typing instead of having to move the mouse to the text input box and clicking first?!!!!?
- Added to my short-list.

Little daily claims tweak: Actually when u finish claiming daily claims it starts over with 5mins initial cooldown,  even if before it passed a lot more time that's because the cooldown after a daily claim cycle is not accumulated but it starts over with a new cycle and 5 mins initial cooldown. Any chance we tweak it so we won't lost claims because of real life issues like timing, work or engagements?
(i think he means that if you are on the last claim and leave for work an hour before the end it should cycle over to the next set of claims instead of stopping... as it is now after a 12 hour shift you could have "missed" out on 11+ hours of claims cause work started at an awkward time
plenty of times i come home from work and do a claim or 2 and then its sitting at the 5 min wait for next claim... so i know what he means... think what he wants is say 18 or 24 hours of claims from your LAST claim to accumulate... not for it to stop at the end of the last claim and wait for you to get home in 10 hours)
- This was brought up in a meeting a couple weeks back. We intend on improving this. Thanks.

If you have a question or concern you want answered, head over to to submit.

Thank you everybody for your questions.
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