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Answers from Ray - 1/6/2018 -> 7/7/2018
Can we get Gold Log expeditions?
- Maybe? Unfortunately I am avoiding touching expeditions until it has its chance to be a sole focus on the game as there are several things that need to be cleaned up with it. I don't intend on adding any new expeditions until then.

For pets, can we get more trophy categories? For example with recent changes to pet training the pet food itself is less significant for pet tiers, so perhaps per tiers could make a nice category for trophies?
- This makes a lot of sense, however we're just coming up on the testable draft version of rune-crafting, so perhaps wait for that and we can really push a good number of additional trophies to it.

Can you soon add minutes to know it a bit more exactly when someone was last online? 0 hours seem a bit odd
if this isn't done for flash, Kay will definitely get that rolling.

Can we have how much ap we got, on the mining screen just above dynamite?  So we can keep track when buying dynamite

Can we get a collect all button for diamonds/stone/crystals on clearing a mine (for lag reduction)
- We are anticipating a mining screen change by September

Ultinum tastyness orb?
- ?

[This is a reply to your answer in the previous Q & A regarding the gold slider question]
[Your reply was "- It 'could' be done. I'm not sure I see why at the moment though? Is the input too fugly/difficult for high numbers?"]
Yes, it is. Rather annoying to go type 1(or other number) and then count out 18 0s or however many you are you needing.
- I agree. I cannot jump on this in the short-term though, as I have quite a list of QoL to catch up on.

Any chance of a VIP Upgrade reset system? I maxed Gold Boost before cap increase/multi catch and have maxed all my gold upgrades.
- Unfortunately no, these are permanent.

Can you please make the card multiplier command shorter? eg '/cmd cm'
- '/cmd cm' will work after the next live patch. Won't be included in patch notes though.

Can the error spot taken when joining a party be changed to fishing spot taken please
- Done for next patch. Won't be included in patch notes though.

Can you add a "click confirmation" when clicking on monster while in idle mode? Or a toggle for idle mode so you can't click monsters?
- For now I suggest just clicking anything but the background/monster area. This can be an option in Unity.

It looks like Lineage Level is based on Daily Claims, so there's no way to see when you actually started the game (if you missed some claims). Obviously a very low priority, but maybe your account creation date could be added to the Character screen?
- When you started and how long you've played are different in this case. No one is playing and not claiming, as you are forced to claim to interact otherwise. This is accurate to 'active days played'. Creation date I can probably include in the future as we do have it but we've already begun on the character window in Unity.

Can we get rid of the confirmation Pop-up about the AP-Claim in pet arena, as it is for Upgrade purchase confirmations?
- PM me for clarifications please.

For the "no abiltiies challenge" in pet arena, why not just have it automatically calculate the outcome and just tell us if we won or lost? no point in clicking attack until its over that i can think of.
- Yes. No eta, but added:

Is it possible to keep the selected skin when your pet increases in tier? Bit of a QoL question but would be nice if it's not too hard.
- This sounds like a bug, sorry. It should only auto switch when the skin selected is the same as the tier of your pet, as it assumes you let it naturally evolve in skins. Selected anything other than the natural pet skin and tiering up should not do this. We'll look into it.

Do we get reset codes for personal stone if the new buildings get released? Can even be codes like reduce all buildings by 10% of there personal stone levels.
- There will not be reset codes for that, sorry.

Could we get fishing upgrade pearls in the daily chests or bingo packs or expeditions?
- This is a limited currency based on action. It is based on milestone progression and calculated dynamically from those values, so tl;dr, there won't be any crediting like that.

Can we get guild reset timers included in /export data? I know Zist creates lists of resets to do each week to help coordinate the guild better, and knowing whose resets are when would be really helpful with that.
- Apologies, until unity I'm no longer making changes to export. On a good note there will be 3 devs you can bug for such a thing after flash is done.

For pet map maybe it's easier for ray to add an undo on a node, since the map does recognise i think the "last" node. Would this be possible?
- We are looking at completely revamping the map to simplicity, and avoiding any further work to the current system.

Seeing as Ray has been so kind as to put in comma in most places. Would it be alright to add it to these other places?
[Image: XdPvd2o.png]
[Image: l2KKYFn.png]
[Image: ijv74yP.png]
- Unfortunately the problem is with flash text/squeezing the commas will offset the text so much that it'll get cut off in those places. We use a rather clean and sexy solution for Unity for this though, and will allow you to select how numbers are formatted.

When you do the command /cmd genpass pass you get to choose your password. Would it be possible in Unity to set your username too? On armour games the generated username is extremey long and hard to remember.
- Unity is only the front-end and has nothing to do with the back-end. We do have an over-ride link system though. Hop in on test if you can and bring it up for assistance.

Could we get a date stamp on chat messages, too?
- Sorry, not immediately. We are going to be looking at how we can sincerely clean up the chat system soon.

Why did you put the Level 6 boss in the random spawns of LEVEL 6 ?? (Invasion Event)
- Because I do things to make people's live's miserable every once and a while. Otherwise it'd feel monotonous.

Will there be any use for the wood that is acquired after mine lvl 750?
- Yes, Mine lv 750+

Would it be possible to have some different backgrounds for bingo so we can customize them to match our cards? Pretty low priority but would be cool to see that one day.
- Maybe. As you understand though it definitely would be extremely low priority. I don't know how much customization we'll have for IOU on the standalone version but perhaps that's where we can handle that.

Would it be possible to make a party search by dps instead of by level in the future?
- We have a new match-making window in progress. I can't say if it'll have that as an option but we are looking at alternative sorting options.

Wish there were a way to speed up normal challenges
- I wish I could revamp challenges, yesterday. Eventually Sad

Now that cards are dropping in the masses, I'd like to see cards drop from every mob
not trying to be greedy... I'd expect a similar hourly card rate but with massively varying card bonuses between party members it'd be nice to calculate when a party will be ready to be moved
- We have options to open up on higher card drop chances...another attribute within the game so i'd rather not force it every single kill.

If you have a question or concern you want answered, head over to to submit.

Thank you everybody for your questions.
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