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Soul Orb Layer 2
I'm not sure what ray has in mind exactly for this feature, but here's my take on it.

Next to sacrifice button on orb screen, you have 2nd Layer button with crystal icon.  Clicking it brings up the other side of the orb screen, the enhancement screen.

Very similar setup, all enhanced orbs use crystals to increase rewards of current orbs by a percentage.  Red stars, which replace the yellow stars as they level up.  This will require new art for certain star orb levels because a 4 star orb with 1 star enhancement, the single red star wouldn't work if it was in the middle with the four yellow stars on the side.  You could also have the red stars appear along the bottom instead.  Whatever is simplest and easiest to understand, basically.

Anyway, each red star = 5% orb boost.  So 5 red stars is 25% orb boost.  If your orb gives 180% of a bonus without any red star boosts, and you then get 5 red stars, it will now become a 180% * 1.25 = 225% boost.

Costs could be as follows:  First red star is free, all orbs will immediately be enhanced by 5%.  Each subsequent star would cost 15 crystals and then keep adding 0's.

1 red = free
2 red = 15
3 red = 150
4 red = 1,500
5 red = 15,000
6 red = 150,000
7 red = 1,500,000

But wait, there's more.  Or rather, there COULD be more, if ray wants to get real fancy-like.

Blue stars!

Blue stars are not an enhancement, but actually a new orb feature entirely.  Each orb gains a 2nd function, stacking with the original orb functions.

Pristine Sacrifices are required to level up blue stars.  Pristine Sacrifices are created by combining 2 crystals and 1 Sacrificial Offering.  Or if you want to keep it extra simple, just have the cost show the 2 original currencies and forget the new one entirely.

1 blue = free
2 blue = 30 C, 15 S.O.
3 blue = 300 C, 150 S.O.
4 blue = 3,000 C, 1,500 S.O.
5 blue = 30,000 C, 15,000 S.O.
6 blue = 300,000 C, 150,000 S.O.
7 blue = 3,000,000 C, 1,500,000 S.O.

A list of new functions:

Auto Orb = Sunder Damage.  Sunder Damage is calculated as extra auto damage per individual hit.  Base is 1%.  (1/4/9/16/25/36/49)

Wood Orb = Gold Log Gain.  Base is 2%.  (2/8/18/32/50/72/98)

Stone Orb = Mineral Enrichment.  Improves stone value in guild buildings (doesn't give extra personal stone) Base is 0.5%.  (0.5/2/4.5/8/12.5/18/24.5)

Click Orb = Sunder Damage but for Click.  Base is 2%.  (2/8/18/32/50/72/98)

XP Orb = Square Root of Evil bonus.  Take square root of inferno tier and multiply by orb bonus.  Example: Square root of inferno tier 10,000 is 100, multiply by 18% orb bonus = 18% xp bonus.  Base is 0.5%.  (0.5/2/4.5/8/12.5/18/24.5)

I'm only going to do these first 5 for now because it's a lot of work for a feature that may not be considered, but you get the idea.


The 3 sets of stars in total may require the UI to be adjusted slightly, perhaps a simple layering where the stars are adjusted vertically slightly so they can overlap and still be easy to distinguish.  OR, simply have each set of stars be on their own screen.  So you'd have three orb screens, and 3 buttons representing each one.  Clicking the Orb button from the main screen would bring you to the current orb screen we have now.  Then the three buttons up top would be Sacrifice, Crystals, and Layer 2.  Yeah, I'm basically turning this simple feature into a 3 layered cake of tastyness.

Speaking of tastyness, muffi really wants that fish tastiness orb.  It could finally happen with this new feature!

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