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Guild Defense
Don't worry, I'm not here to suggest guild vs guild combat, although that would be neat and if done well could be quite easily balanced.  Another time.

New Guild Features:  The Recruiter's Tent, and The Training Grounds.  Not technically guild buildings, so they won't level guilds up, but rather separate functions entirely.

In order to make this feature fair, these new features will start with no outside mechanism to improve them beyond what players can earn from this feature itself.  So even a fresh guild full of new players would be on equal footing on patch day.  In fact, even the number of players in the guild would not matter -- this is an opt-in feature that self-balances based on the number of active players participating.  Every day at the server reset, anyone who didn't upkeep their portion of this feature will automatically be removed from the participants pool so that the guild will not be punished for someone forgetting or not having time to do their deeds.  Basically, you will have to re-opt in every day, but can have an option set to be permanently opted out unless you uncheck that option.

The Recruiter's Tent will hire fresh soldiers every 24 hours at server reset with random chances for better tiers of soldiers.

The formula would be:  (BarracksLevel * 3 * (1.02 * RecruiterBonus)) / 100 = % chance for a Tier up on a random soldier.  So the base rate would be 1 * 3 / 100 = 3% chance per soldier to tier up.  The RecruiterBonus is calculated based on who in the guild is set as a Recruiter at the time of the server reset.  If 15 guild members are set as recruiters, they all add together their respective recruiter bonuses and divide the total by 15.  This means even a small guild will do well even if they only have one person set as a recruiter, as long as they remain active.  There would be small benefits to participating even if the overall effect of each person's participation is not as important, so players may wish to join in for those benefits.  Don't worry -- it would not be possible for someone to troll the guild by purposefully making bad decisions -- only people set as leaders can make the important decisions.  (If you are in a guild with a leadership that trolls, lord have mercy on your soul!)

Soldier Tiers:  Start at no stars, the basic soldier.  1 Bronze star through 5 Bronze stars, the intermediate soldier.  Then onward to silver, gold, plat, and fearless.  Sillver caps at 7 stars, gold caps at 10 stars, plat caps at 15 stars, and fearless goes all the way to 25.  Each star gives a slight bonus to defense, and each tier gives a slightly larger bonus.
I thought about writing up more formula stuff here but I figure I'll leave it out for now since I'd rather the idea make it past the "not gonna happen" phase before I got THAT far into detail!

Next up:  The Training Grounds.  Just as important as having more soldiers, you will need to make them more powerful!  Being a Trainer rather than a Recruiter will have a similar overall effect on the battles, and as I stated earlier even a small guild can have equal opportunity to participate and benefit from these features.  In fact, I would suggest that even a single-person guild have the option to do the entire activity on their own.  To make this fair however, that person would only receive half as much Recruiter and Trainer experience so they aren't getting a benefit by being on their own, as crazy as that sounds to begin with.  Training would improve random soldier's tiers, as long as they are not brand new soldiers.  This means you will frequently have a mix of new weaker soldiers and stronger veterans.  They will eventually outweigh the new soldiers, but you'll always want more soldiers and better recruiters so they can get stronger faster.

So yes, there will be a built-in leveling system based purely on whether you participate.  All you have to do is show up and click a couple buttons!

If you've participated during the previous 24 hour period and when the server resets, you will gain experience towards the appropriate level and receive rewards as you level up.  These rewards would scale up slightly, but nothing outside of what you'd expect from say a normal event or other in-game feature.  In addition, you get a small bonus to <PURPOSEFULLY LEFT OUT, THIS NEEDS TO BE CAREFULLY CONSIDERED>.

The Battles would be very basic and be shown in a log screen within the guild window, probably a new button called Battle Log or something similar.  It would explain:  How many bonus tiers new soldiers gained from recruiter bonuses, how many bonus tiers old soldiers gained from trainers, how many soldiers went into battle, a breakdown of them by Tier and Star rating, how many were injured, and how many enemies they defeated.

Injured soldiers will not participate in the next battle and cannot be trained until they recover.  Sometimes they can be injured for multiple days, this is more likely to occur with lower tier soldiers and will be reflected in the status window.  (It could show number of wounded soldiers and a breakdown of their Tier and Star rankings.

40 new soldiers arrive daily.  When a soldier reaches the final rank (Fearless Tier, 25 stars), they will no longer receive injuries but they will also retire after 1 week of reaching this rank (they will individually have a timer in the status window).  Soldiers that successfully move up the ranks and make it to retirement grant the guild <PURPOSEFULLY LEFT OUT, THIS NEEDS TO BE CAREFULLY CONSIDERED>.

I'm sure I've left out a few things, but the basic idea is that it's a low-maintenance feature that anyone can freely choose to participate it or not for very minor rewards.  Participation rewards may be more or less than any guild-wide benefits, depending on what people think is more fair.  A lot of people don't like the idea of more daily activities, especially time-consuming ones, so I would say the simpler this feature ends up being the better as far as what the average player has to do to participate.  It could even just be an opt-in flag one-time set and forget, where all you get is a little popup window at the 24-hour server reset that you can speedily click through and not have to worry about.  Or, if people think it should be a little more effort required, that's fine too.  And then give players the freedom to not participate without worrying about whether or not they are impacting their guild negatively, since even a guild of 1 could be just as successful as a guild of 40 active players.

Let the good times roll critical hits

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