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Easier well donation method.
Instead of having people enter their amount with all the 0000000000000's with it, how about converting it to a button system?

For example, say you enter "437" into the donate bar, and instead of having to do all the zeros, you get buttons representing the "tiers" of amounts you can do.

Don't press any button for 437 gold.
Press button [k] for 437,000 gold.
Press button [M] for 437,000,000 gold.

This would make it easier for people who do 1 too many or 1 too few 0's when donating, or those not versed well enough in all the zeros.
Well considering we are up to quintillions and not long before sextillions, how about just a "donate all" button, as well as maybe an "add 3 zeroes" button, so at most only two additional buttons needed instead of a one with everything, please

Still would be nice to see this cleaned up, maybe Unity will save us from the bad UI

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