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Spirit Realm
New passive feature:

Unlocked at level 1000 along with Legendary

Spirit Realm tab

Main screen shows Spirit Stats such as Hauntings, Curses Inflicted, Blessings Given, Times Exorcised

Hauntings:  Every hour, your Spirit automatically visits a random ACTIVE (not afk or zzz) player level 1000 or higher.  A new chat tab (post-unity feature) specifically for this purpose would show details to the player being haunted.  A small icon, similar to a partymate but on the opposite side of the main window would be displayed, and the hover over text would say "You are being haunted by <haunting player's name> since <x minute, seconds ago>.

The player being haunted can manually exorcise the ghost, there is no benefit nor punishment in doing so.  Maybe you just don't like their face!

Curses:  While visiting another player, your Spirit might inflict a terrifying Curse upon them!  This would be purely flavortext based unless there are bored artists that want to draw silly icons.  Maybe the player turns into a frog or a goat for an hour!  Completely harmless other than HUMILIATION!

Blessings:  Where there are Curses, there are Blessings.  Unlike Curses, these can actually provide the player you're visiting with a very minor boost to a random type of gains, either gold, xp or cards.  We're talkin 1% here, nothing game-changing.  Blessings last 24 hours and stack up to 5 times of each type.  Encourage people to Haunt other players so everyone can benefit!

Exorcisms:  When you're exorcised by the player your Spirit is visiting, you just get a little notification.  You are automatically exorcised when your visit time is up anyway, but the notification will tell you if it was an automatic or a manual exorcism so you can tell if you're getting infamous and being tossed out early!  (It doesn't actually matter!)

Curses and Blessings happen automatically, randomly, and instantly upon Haunting.  This way, there is no strategy or concern to worry about, it's entirely taken care of by the game!  The Spirit Realm window is merely a stat screen, you do not need to provide any input to participate.  Since this would be a post-unity feature, you can simply opt-out of any notifications or ignore the Hauntings chat-info-tab entirely.  Meanwhile, you can still enjoy the once in a while Blessing boosts!

Trophies:  What's a new feature without trophies and rankings?!  The Trophy category can overlap with one of the top two, doesn't really matter which, it's mostly just a for fun feature.

The point of this feature is to add a little flavor to the game rather than a massive new game-changing must-min-max fest.  It would be entirely passive to support the word Idle in this game's title, and I'd suggest it not be looked at until 2019 since this year is reserved for more of the core stuff the game needs including the big Unity update itself.  Just something to keep in mind for the future as a little extra spicey so nicey!  Enjoy life!
Sounds like an interesting idea Gandor! My only concern is making sure that offline and online gains are still similar and neither one gets a noticeable advantage over the other
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Oh for sure that's why the bonuses are tiny, and random, and could be made to expire at server reset time.

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