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Short Story Community Competition!
Short Story Community Competition!

Please read the entire post before submitting an entry. Any failure to comply will not be an excuse after your submission.
I'm pleased to announce it's time for another Community Competition! Firstly I just want comment on the last Community Competition that took place.
Some people were upset over their work being disqualified due to efforts and copyright content. These Competitions are created with the intention of bringing the game and the community together, not to create conflict and controversy. This means your work should be for fun, not with sole intentions of being rewarded. We have listened and this time we have have tried to set clear rules so there is no confusion about what is required.

Use concepts from IOURPG such as planets, monsters, fish to write a short story.
Pick from one of the following categories (Comical, Dark, Fantasy / Lore).
The voting will be done by Lynn and Ray and what they think are the most entertaining IOURPG based short stories.

Rules / Requirements
You must pick from one of the categories below...
- Comical
- Dark
- Fantasy / Lore

State your in game name at the beginning of your submission.
You can find your in game name by clicking the Character tab in game and looking under Name.
[Image: 8QVANLN.png][Image: UiJ6xFw.png]
Please note there is a difference between username and in game name, so you must check the Character screen to find your in game name.
If you fail to include your correct character name. You will not be able to receive the rewards.

Limit of one submission per person.

Has to be written by yourself.

Submissions must be posted as a reply to this thread.

No adult (18+), explicit or controversial messages within your story.

English only.

Minimum length of 100 words and a maximum length of 1,000 words.

Failing to meet any of these requirements means you will not be eligible for the prizes and your submission may be deleted.

Top story overall - 30,000 Diamonds
Top 3 from each category  - 15,000 Diamonds each
Participation (Undecided) - Prizes will range from 0 - 5,000 Diamonds depending on efforts
Limit of one prize per person. (i.e you will not receive a top prize as well as a participation prize)
Diamond prizes do not count towards support level as this is the same system the refunds are given through.

This Community Competition will end on the 23/2/2018 (3 weeks from now).
Judging will take up to 2 weeks.

If you are having trouble understanding anything on this post, feel free to message me
Community helper
Discord Username: Level#0001

IGN: ShikuLupine Genre: Comedy

Parallel worlds: worlds that while similar, may have slight differences. What happens if these worlds happen to connect to each other? This is a story of one such instance.

King Imaginecles, who overlooks his kingdom from atop his fortress, decides to hold a meeting with his most trusted knights to discuss the future of his kingdom. “Men, we've had reports of two mysterious black silhouettes on the outskirts of the kingdom, and I need my two bravest knights to investigate, so I'm sending Sir Boguson and Sir Pretendalot to solve this mystery.”

The wwo knights left the fortress, stopping on the way stable that resided outside the fortress. “Surely the king is imagining things.” Boguson said, as they saddled up on horses and left the stable, stopping to pray at the altar and cash their paychecks at the bank, they arrived between the warehouse and stable, and it was there they saw it.

“By the potental 40 gods” Said Pretendalot. The knights dared not touch the silhouettes as there was no describing them. Glancing down the road, Boguson motioned to Pretendalot. “I say, is that not the aquatic research further down the road?” Heading toward it, they noticed similar buildings, even their own fortress, however, it looked different, as if less resources were invested into it.

Entering the fortress, they were met by not their king, but a different one. “Guards! Remove these intruders!” he exclaimed, forcing the two knights to flee past the stable, the altar, the bank, and so on. Escaping the pursuers, curious as to what happened, the knights continued down the road, finding the same buildings but differently resourced each time, each with a different king.

“How many times have we done this?” Said Boguson. “5,847 and counting.” Said Pretendalot. “For almost 3 years.”
IGN: Mungo  Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Dark/Whatever

This story is loosely based on true events

We all know the Idle Online Universe, its the place where we all go to relieve ourselves from the mundane, boredom of that place known as 'real life'.  We also know about the creator and god of the Idle Online Universe, Ray.  What most people don't know is that the universe needs balance.  Every Yin needs its Yang.  And while Ray and his minions are regarded to be all that is 'good' in this world, the laws of balance dictate that there must also be evil.  This is the story of that evil.  The story of an evil man named Zaritha.

Our story begins with a legend within our Universe.  A legend known to many as 'Mungo'.  What many people don't know is that Mungo was a charitable man and kept those who needed his help close to him.  One such person was Plisskin.  Plisskin had good strong character but he was pretty simple.  He shunned the typical lifestyle in our lands of keeping and evolving pets, instead giving focus to only 1 pet.  A single, solitary snake.  What an idiot.

One day, Mungo befriended Zaritha, who appeared to him as a good man.  Zaritha had used his charm and magic to convince Mungo that he was a good, decent person and Mungo learned to trust him.  And trust him he did.  One day in the land of 'real life' unfortunate events, and a christmas party distracted Mungo from his duties taking care of Plisskin.  Zaritha, managed to convince Mungo that Plisskin would be fine without him.  That he himself would take care of him and keep him on the straight and narrow.  Mungo believed him, as mortal man often does, and told Zaritha exactly where to find Plisskin.

Unknown to Mungo, Zaritha had cast a spell on a magic apple.  The moment Mungo was gone, Zaritha fed the apple to Plisskins Snake and it increased in power and strength.  Pleased with his plan, Zaritha sneaked off back to his dark cave and laughed at his brilliant, evil plan.  It was so easy, and it worked.  Mungo was devastated, though Plisskin didn't seem to mind (we already mentioned he's an idiot).

Mungo pleaded with Ray to help undo this evil magic.  Ray ignored his pleas.  Mungo wrote day after day begging for divine intervention and every time was met with silence.  One day, Mungo managed to stumble across Ray and asked him again for help.  He was immediately dismissed with an idea to contact one of his minions.  Mungo sought contact with Lynne.  His pleas were heard but alas, Lynn wasn't a god.  She couldn't help.  Finally his prayers were answered.  Jay, the true hero of this story, appeared to Mungo.  "Mungo" he boomed.  "Show me your snake!".  Mungo pulled his snake out for Jay and Jay marvelled at how mighty it was.  Too mighty.  "I shall fix this for you  Mungo"

Jay used black magic and fixed the snake.  Suddenly the curse was gone.  The snake was weak.  Mungo was happy.  And Zaritha?  He still lurks in the shadows waiting to feed the snakes of the innocent.
IGN: Sally. Genre: Comedy (or Lore if you like)

"It's a strange sort of society our universe has turned into. An abundance of dangerous creatures that have become too prolific, powerful, or in some cases just a nuisance, all deserted in this one universe from the many they came from. From mutating bio-experiments gone wrong, to legendary immortals, vicious animals and malfunctioning robots. And us too I suppose; how better to deal with unkillable heroes when they perhaps start to become a bit of a nuisance themselves. Running out of worthy foes can leave some very bored immortals, and heroes like to look for trouble even if they end up creating it themselves..."

The traveler leant an elbow on the bar and lazily tipped his nearly empty glass to stare at the contents thoughtfully.

"Bob, you're narrating again."

"Ah! Uh sorry Mack-"


"Another refill on my tab?"

"Maybe you've had enough for today. You didn't finish your Melting SunDie from the SnackBar?"

"It kept biting back."

"Ah, that sucks. Well it is a special menu item, customers do love that chocolaty-syrup taste of victory. Stick to the bronze meal deal if you cant manage next time?"

"Will do."

Both barman and gallant barfly looked up as the doorway filled with rustling foliage. Gradually the leaves took up more room as one root and then three others stepped into the building.

"You know the rules, no pets." The barman turned and pointed at the sign above the bar, wondering which customer the bat hanging off it belonged to.

Sliding back the glass, Bob the hero rose and pushed back the stool to turn toward the door. "I dont think he can read. Or speak. Screams a lot mostly, but a great help in a fight", he said, as the rest of the Ents canopy emerged past the door-frame, dropping a few peaches that rolled across the floor in the process.

Harry didn't protest further, and set to stacking glasses on the shelves as the creature creaked to the front next to its master, making for a rather impressive change to the decor as the barroom's new centerpiece.

"Do you ever miss -"



"-your cute little pets you used to carry around?"


"Sometimes", nodded Bob.
oh and if you want to imagine the scream

(turn your sound down)
IGN Edu, Lore
====MSG Epsilon 10-02-3356====
My name is T. R. Jack, and that's my desperate call for help.
The gods have left us, Epsilon has fallen.
When you hear this message, prepare yourselves! It's only a matter of time before it reaches you.
We have tried everything possible and yet we have been unable to achieve anything. Only a small part of our population has been spared and secretly resists.
If you can help us, reach us at frequency 5 16-20.

====MSG Kappa 10-03-3356====
Kappa to Epsilon, we received similar news from Eta and Iota and are preparing for the siege. We're mobilizing all our troops for battle, may Ray be with us!
What's your status?

====MSG Kappa 10-22-3356====
Kappa to Epsilon, we haven't received any more news from you in a few weeks, what's the status?
The siege continues, most of our troops have already fallen and we are on the verge of extinction.
Only a miracle can save us.

====MSG Epsilon 11-06-3356====
Epsilon to Kappa, the radio link has been temporarily cut off.
Our world is in ruins, it seems to have lost interest in us for the time being.
We are currently beginning with the reconstruction and pray that it will never return. But if that is the case, we will be prepared and defend ourselves!

====CDECK Protocol #1 05-01-3357==== 
-Captain, we're getting disturbing signals from our planet, we're being attacked by someone. According to radio communications, the population of Epsilon has almost been wiped out. Other planets are also affected.
-Were you able to find out who is responsible for this?

-We're not sure, sir, some reports say it's a single person, she has a rabbit at her side armed with an axe.

-Damn it! We have to abort the mission, when can we be there? Call the rest of the fleet immediately! 

-About a year, sir, two if we're waiting for the rest of the fleet. The braking process alone will cost us 3 months.

-We can't wait any longer, send a radio message and initiate the reverse thrust. Tell the others to follow us. We're setting the course to Epsilon.

====CDECK Protocol #1 04-30-3358==== 
-Captain, the braking process is complete, we will arrive at Epsilon in 24 hours as planned. Another ship of our fleet is also approaching and will arrive about 2 weeks after us.

-Good work officer, is there news from Epsilon? Any sign of survivors?

-No sir, we still have radio silence since the last attack a month ago… Wait a minute, we've got something on the radar. Something's moving in our direction, a ship, no, no, three ships. Sir, how should we proceed?

-Take the shields to full power and get the weapons ready! I want you to scan the ships as soon as we are within range and try to establish communication. We want to know who we're dealing with. 

====CDECK Protocol #2 04-30-3358==== 
-Captain, we received the scan report. There is one person on one of the ships, the others seem to be unmanned.

-How is that possible? Repeat the scan immediately.

-We've already done that several times, sir. There's no room for errors.

-Were you able to find anything unusual besides the missing crews on the ships?

-Besides the strange place for large houseplants on the commando deck of the second and some kind of bacteria  on third ship, nothing worth mentioning.

-This doesn't help us, I suspect it's a deception, two ships are in escort mode. They will not interfere if it comes to a fight. Ignore both of them, i want you to focus fire on the middle ship in case they get any closer. And let the fleet kno...
by IGN: Mogo
Genre: Dark
Title: The Resilient Crystals
Word Count: 619
Readability Grade Level: 8

Mogo was thinking about Hector again, a desperate scoundrel with a deplorable countenance with a personality to match. Mogo walked over to the window and reflected on the claim before him. He had always loved mysterious Kappa with its expansive mythic landscapes, rich with stone and scatterings of resilient crystals. Gazing out the window in the distance he saw someone approaching. As fate would have it, Hector had come calling for payment for the distasteful task done.

Mogo’s friends viewed him as hopeful and compassionate, but no fool with an iron mind and stern eye. He had even saved an e.collide from a glacial pit on Beta, that beast has come in handy on several occasions. But, even a person hardened by gruesome events like he was hadn’t fully prepared him for the preposterousness of what Hector had in store today.

With the pandemonium the tempest brought yesterday, a bad omen to be sure and, with Hector showing up so quickly, it was stressing Mogo. He grabbed a bag of resilient crystals from nearby; thinking these should suffice and stepped outside as Hector came closer. The glint of greed was bright in Hector’s eyes and a little something seemed off… this might go all wrong.

Hector glared at Mogo and said, in hurried hushed tones, "we all hated Maximillius and what he was certain to cause but, I’ve hated you with the burning of all the stars in the sky since you figured out what had to be done and now that I’ve done it. I want compensation… your mine will do."

"Hector, your demand is beyond unacceptable," Mogo replied briskly and poker-faced.

They sized each other up like two robobees from different colonies would. Finally breaking the tension hanging in the air, Mogo said, “The only reason I worked with you on this at all was that strategy dictates that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. You were the only one that would listen to reason and now that our common enemy is no more I have no more use for you then I did before it all began.” Their common foe had been the only bond they shared, and once Mogo explained the situation of dark ones rising they had both known the atonal music playing by Maximillius had to be stopped or risk waking the dark ones and destroying all the miners’ claims.

Mogo studied Hector for a moment and saw his hand edging closer toward his blade. Eventually, he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry," began Mogo in grave tones, "There is no way you can have my mine, but… I do have here a bag filled with some Resilient Crystals. You know their power, you used one to stop Maximillius." His pet e.collide had oozed its way near Hector unnoticed. It, having sensed its master’s apprehension, was ready to strike should his master be actively threatened.

Hector, oblivious to the e.collide nearby wore greed on his face, his emotions open, clear, and mostly predictable. Mogo could almost hear Hector's thoughts click. Hector sneered, hand still near his blade, he moved quickly grabbing the bag. As he turned to hurry away he finally noticed the e.collide. Dodging the beast, even though there had been no need to as it was not on the offensive, he speedily moved off into the distance back to his own claim. He called back once he felt safe far enough away, “I won’t forget that you just tried to cheat me.”

And while the claims were safe for all the miners, that last statement by Hector left Mogo disquieted. Not even a large mug of hot lemon tea was going to calm Mogo's thoughts tonight - is it over?
IGN: makaman
Genre: Fantasy/Lore ?
(used translate to help)

The Story of Idle Online Universe

In distant future, Idle Online Universe (IOU) is being extensively explored. There are wars between civilizations of different planets, guilds are formed to plunder the planets, getting woods and stones to develop quickly, releasing various bonuses that help their members to develop as well.

In this universe, there are civilizations focused on causing high damage, these specimens invade the planets and kill all the monsters that are there in just seconds, they do not care much for the development of their Guild, they only think that the more monsters they kill, the faster they will gain experience and increase their damage. There are civilizations that have a greater focus on development, these specimens spend most of the time getting the resources needed to help their Guild and its participants develop together, so the development of their damage is only a little impaired, leading to some seconds longer than those that focus on damage to clear areas of the planet that have monsters. There is also a third type of civilization, it is a more developed and rich civilization due to its high investments, they have rare diamonds, because of this they help to develop the whole Universe and are hybrids, possessing the greatest damage against monsters and the best technologies for collecting resources, developing frighteningly fast guilds in which they participate.

However, it is not just wars and resources for the guild that life develops in this Universe. It is possible to find many relaxing specimens while fishing for strange fish in search of using them as food for a mysterious entity that in exchange for fish provides soul offerings that are used in orbs that aid in development in different aspects of the individual. There are also strange individuals, scientists using strange masks, as if they were plague medics from a planet named Earth, these scientists are seen developing a mysterious fruit, that they use to capture and evolve monsters that are used like pets, that helps them in the fight against the monsters. Among other things, this is part of the story and is basically how life develops in IOU.
Genre: Comedy
IGN: CrimsonKing
Title: IOU The Beginning

In the beginning Ray created the heavens and the earth, and planets that were rich with life and treasures that were ripe for the taking. Ray looked down at his creation, and was pleased with his work but something was missing. Thus Ray created guilds so that all his players could live in harmony with one another, working together to build each other up and grow stronger as was his intention.

As time passed however, Ray saw that one guild was growing exponentially faster than all others, they were creating chaos amongst his masterpiece. Ray looked on frustrated but slightly amused as they surpassed all who stood in their way, guild by guild as they rose to the top. In an effort to slow their growth, Ray used his divine powers and passed laws throughout the universe that would hinder their growth…or so he thought. However, try as he might their power grew without constraint breaking every barrier he created.

Ray as powerful as he was, knew at that point he needed help and thus created another powerful being who would aid him in his work to try and contain the insanity that he had unleashed. It was at that moment in time that Jay was born, he would be the universe’s savior and Ray’s only begotten creator. Jay, like Ray, not only similar in name but bound to creating more throughout the universe set out to create his first contribution.

Meanwhile, the guild who grew to be hated. Whose members fly farther than any others, decided to expand. Reaching out with their mighty grasp, they enlisted two more guilds and with their wisdom and power, created an alliance that the universe had never seen before. Now, not only was the chaos growing unhinged but with it total disorder.
Finally, Jay had seen enough. He concentrated all of his time, his effort, and his life even and with great satisfaction upon completion cried out, “BINGO!!” For he had finally done it, he had created a means to slow down that which could not be slowed. Now they too would be bound by law and constraint, they too would feel the wrath of time, they too would obey the laws of the universe and they too would kneel before the mercy of their creators.

Jay had done it, and Ray was pleased but the people of the universe were not. For the people never are, no matter how much their creators give they always want more. Thus Jay was taken to the chopping block as the people complained and hung him out to dry. But there will be a time when he will return and in doing so, all those who believed in him will reap the rewards that he bestows.
IGN: Mythic
Genre: Lore
Word Count: 460  Character Count: 2588

Incubus the Powerful!

In a Universe far away called Idle Online there is but one monster that stands atop the rest, Incubus. This red winged, trident holding, fireball throwing demon is the last ruler of the tenth realm called Kappa, long has he held his reign.

One day as he basked in his awesome power and the magma pools around his lair, he received word that some thing new was attacking the lesser realms. These new creatures did not stay in their proper place, always challenging the next monster. The weak creatures would some times pair up and have also tamed one of the lesser monsters to fight with them. The most problematic part about these creatures is they all got stronger, that and they all had weird and different names, even from each other.

As Incubus watched he laughed at their pathetic attempts at reaching him, they could not get past Grim the ruler of Epsilon. Grim is weak and cocky, he is only half the monster Incubus is. Then one day the creatures all disappeared, only to start at Alpha again, but they got stronger doing so and have also tamed yet another lesser monster to fight for them. This time they got past Grim ruler of Epsilon, and Overlord ruler of Zeta, but could not get past Tardigradizool ruler of Eta.

This time Incubus watched carefully as the creatures disappeared once more only to get even stronger. He made sure to strengthen the monsters of all the realms a lot more as they were gone. This time he thought about how to put these creatures in their place and show all other monsters that he is the one and only ruler of the ten realms, as he thought giggling to himself day dreaming about how these creatures well be under his hooves praising his awesome power for the rest of their lives, they appeared at Alpha once more.

This time they defeated Mastermind ruler of Theta and The Disassembler ruler of Iota. Incubus went blank faced, and started to get a more serious look about him. The creatures are now roaming his realm! Then one day they started challenging Black Dragon, Incubus best friend and that just ticked Incubus off. Now Incubus well show the creatures once and for all what true power is. As Incubus faced the creatures gloating his awesome power at them, he was defeated, not just once, no... no... they defeated him many times, and then disappeared once more.

This time Incubus made them appear in his Inferno realm. For every monster those bile creatures defeat an even harder realm would appear, thus at any given point Incubus is always stronger and weaker then the creatures, for he shall have the last laugh.

Hope everyone enjoyed my short story have fun and good luck to everyone.
IGN: Mythic       Guild: Chaos

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