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Guild lvl 201+ passive bonus ideas
Oh hi, I didn't see you there.

Since the current ramp-up with guild passives has been deemed unsustainable (as in, they be too good) I'm going to propose the next levels beyond 200 instead of just being 'worse' instead be 'different', to help mask the fact that they won't be overall as effective/useful.

For example:

A non-5th/10th guild level bonus might be:

+2% Chance for Extra Gold Coin drop
+2 AP from chest claims
+1% Click Multi chance
+4% Fish Rarity Level chance (boosts alongside tackle, not rod, so no chance for finding fish above current max rarity)
+1% Gold Log gain

A 5th/10th guild level bonus might be:

+5% Treasure mob chance
First 10 gold sacrifices are free daily
-5% time between idle mob spawns
+1% Auto Multi chance
+2% Click Crit chance

So basically a bunch of 'new' bonuses that affect some game aspects in a slightly different manner, to keep things a little bit spicy but at the same time prevent overpowering affects that make people fear the Gap myth.

Plenty of dozens of other ideas possible, but I prefer to K.I.S.S. for now.  Peace, jerkwads.
The guilds who are level 150-200 are there because they dumped a ton of resources into getting the wood and stone necessary. A guild that is that high is there because they deserve it, having worse guild bonuses after 200 is just a slap in the face of all that effort. If anything, the bonuses should start to increase upwards, since it takes such a drastic amount to get that levels from that point on

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