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Bingo Button
A couple visual suggestions

1) Move the bingo button up into the social tab of the menu. It's technically a social activity, there's space there and it would de-clutter the main screen.

2) Add a bingo notification button when it's almost time for bingo, if the player has a bingo ticket to play.

2.1) Under the bingo notification button there could be a timer, similar to the chest claim timer, so we can tell at a glance when bingo is starting or if a bingo game is currently active.
Hey Imperial,

Are you aware of the current changes being made to bingo on the test server?
Here's a current look at bingo on the test server

[Image: LVtLPC2.png]

This may or may not change some of your suggestions.
If you want to join the discussion on the test server Discord, here's a link -

Goodluck with your suggestions!
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That's part of what I suggested, yes.

The other 2 parts are moving that icon from the main screen to the social menu and displaying an activity icon on the right side with timer when it's time to show it. Just like there isn't always a woodcutting icon or expeditions icon, they are only displayed when that information is relevant.

To the Discord-ing I go! Smile
Visuals always work better. Smile

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(12-23-2017, 10:15 AM)ImperialUser Wrote: Visuals always work better. Smile

Nice suggestion and goodluck!
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