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Guild bug
I recently leave a guild, and I've got a problem : if I click on "chat", I see that I'm always in a guild.

If I click on social/guild, it list me guild which are opened, but I can't join one of them.

Is it possible to "free" me from the virtual guild which block me ?

Help !
Please include your character name and guild name. I can certainly take a look into it
Hi Ray,

Character name is gomorrhe, and I have no idea about the name of the guild... Or maybe I don't look at the right place ?

Refresh dosen't solve the bug, I tried it yesterday.

Thanks for your help, the game is very pleasant and nice to play, good job !
I have this issue as well, username is pauldpaul the guild I left (I think) was worriers of the bloodoath or something like that definatley had bloodoath in the name.

Alright guys, I see the issues within your guilds. You are in fact still in the guild but the guilds themselves have broken player listings. Not to make you guys test-monkeys, but instead of trying to resolve them one by one as I think this is a pretty big issue (and there are currently almost 10k registered users already!), let me set up a guild integrity checker for the next update, which should be released this weekend.

If, after the patch you still can't get into your guild properly or join a new guild, repost and i'll make sure to get it resolved manually asap for you.

My apologies for all the guild issues. They have remained the lowest on the priority scale lately (while being the most anticipated feature), and unfortunately have become far too unstable.
Hi Ray,

No problem with waiting the next update, we'll keep in touch if the bug is still there after UD.
Cheers Ray! Big Grin
I don't know if the update is totally done, but if it is, the bug is still present.
After a relog it should allow you to join a new guild
It seems to be ok, thank you for the help from France !

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