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Pet wish and skills in Challenge and Multi levelup

You wanna give us (finalyl!) in the future the option to select a Pet, so here are 2 wishes for a pet:
1. a Owl :Big Grin  and 2. a Dragon :Smilemaybe something Chibi Dragon)
[Image: minideathwing.jpg]
Like this mini deathwing from WoW Smile

And Skills.
Could we get a option to activate all Skills with one click? Only for Challenges.
Some people on Konregate using a script for this, I dont have konregate and I hate to smashing them wrong xD Yeah... would just be nice.
Or maybe a checkbox "activate all".
Only in Challenge to not abuse them in the main idle Game. (But could also be a option.... I never really make any dmg/skill use in idle, just my autodmg).
A "autocast" for the Main Hunt could be not bad, until the "energy/mana" is consumed.
That could give the "Clix Regen" a real reason to excist, I think atm. only Scripter using skills and clicks in the normal Game.

Multi levelup

Could you please make a option to levelup a skill x10 times.
Sometimes I did made 2-3 Levelups and yeah... I fear to missclick on the AP button >_<
Or maybe like in Cookie Clicker:
[Image: Qbs2yAX.png]
1,10,100 Smile

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