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Master-Pupil System, Level 2000?!
Starting over in this game would be hell on Erf.  So instead, at level 2000 (or maybe lower, perhaps only 1500?  Depends if Ray likes the idea of late-game or super-late game vs. what the general population can reasonable achieve in a reasonable amount of time.) you unlock the Master-Pupil System!

A basic rundown:  You unlock a little clickable version of yourself (perhaps customizeable art but that's another topic of discussion) that is still your same account, but with a brand new character that you get to progress all over again!  Some important distinctions
-- You are not allowed to join a separate party/guild for your pupil, it remains in your current party/guild.  (Open to discussion at least for parties)
-- Your partymates will not be visible unless they also have the pupil unlocked.
-- Your chat name remains the same and you aren't actually a separate entity as your pupil.
-- You CAN re-buy all the various upgrades, including account-diamond upgrades.
-- All upgrades affect your pupil at 100% rate, and your master (original character) at a certain rate which will require ridiculous discussion and balancing.  Each upgrade should have its own individual weight and appropriate rate carried over to the master.
-- DPS, gold, xp, cards will be duplicated for the master at a full 100% rate, but even that will be supremely tiny for a LONG time until the pupil catches up.
-- Events, packs, diamonds and AP are all account-wide and the pupil does not have to buy these things separately, you can spend on either freely.
-- Support and Lineage bonuses will carry over on the pupil.  Diamonds gained on pupil WILL affect account unlocks for support levels.  This means re-doing challenges will be pretty worth it!

The point of this system is to be VERY rewarding but also require effort.  How much effort?  The same amount a new character has to put in!  Going full-circle could be just what the doctor ordered to get this game back to being the cool new (old?) hotness.

Anyway, lots to discuss (but not right now) if this idea were to even be considered, but I think a number of people would like a way to make more meaningful progress and gains without having to ACTUALLY start over, so this is a way to sorta meet in the middle.  You get to start over but it's great for your actual current progress as well.

Let's say 2019?  I'm assuming there's too much packed into the list for 2018 so if this makes it through the gladiator arena of ideas and gets the thumbs up from emperor ray, it still won't make it into next year, I reckon.  See ya chumps!

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