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I dont even remember anything anymore...
what i'm trying to post here is, I dont even remember anymore what I want to say. to be honest with you, discord keeps preventing me from joining this game's official discord server... You know it...  Huh the IOU official discord server. anyways, i'm saying this because, hmm where do I begin...
I am still unable to access iou discord server. i've been trying to join that erver, but discord wouldn't let me budge. Says that the invite link is invaild or expired... is the link an permanent one? I've tried to ask peoples to send me a invite link to discord IOU server, but I am still unable to access that server. even if it's a permanent one, I still can't access that server. It's more like discord is trying to avoid me... it's been a lot of time and i can't remember clearly.
I would send a help ticket to iou, but lately the staff has been avoiding me... everyone acts like I do not exist. you know that I do not have a lot of real friends... and no it's not a serious case of me being a ghost. My guild members can hear and talk to me, but outside, nobody is hearing me  Sad
What do you think is wrong with me? right now I'm in a not-serious, but still high level of depression. I have started avoiding my classmates, avoiding questions from someone important, etc. It got worse when one of my tooth started to hurt a lot and i had to go to doctor with my parents. as a result, we had to spend around 200$.
Now, I am on vacantion, but i've been more and more depressed with each passing days. I do not know what is wrong with me... you can call me unworthy, unpassed, failure, all these insult words you want to tell me, but I honestly don't even remember anymore why are some peoples still insulting me...  Confused
Tldr: i've been having a mid-high level of depression and peoples has been ignoring me, expect for my guildmates. with each passing day, I've started to be more and more isolated from the community and ultimately, from the internet. I do not know what is wrong with me and with my life...
any advices to tell me? As i told you i don't have a lot of real friends, only one or two... so i don't know what I am about to do. the likely case would be being apart from the rest of Internet... please, will you help me?
I'm bumping. Really have no help? It's like this is the end of the world...
I hear rattling of chains but see no one.


PS. A permanent ban from the official IOU Discord server is just that, permanent.
Selling my attention.
(08-12-2017, 04:58 AM)jimmi33 Wrote: I hear rattling of chains but see no one.


PS. A permanent ban from the official IOU Discord server is just that, permanent.

Permanent ban? I don't recall the reason. I didn't do anything, and yet, the moderator system, I think it's bad in my opinion. Yeah well, banned for no reason, I didn't even get to see or know why, as nobody wants to answer me.

Should I just go kill myself or give me a explaination/chance?
I am pretty sure you have been given reasons in the past. I have seen Ray talking directly to you with my own eyes.
The reason people ignore you is because you are annoying as fuck. It's just a ban. Get over it.
W-whoa, this was so rude coming from you Mylo.

I'm not sure 'ban' is something I can get over it. Where in the heck am I wrong with me...?

What is... reality? What is wrong with my chat? Why isn't everyone kind? What is this... reality I'm feeling?
How can I change myself? Even though I don't use swear/offensive words... Even though I don't use all caps a lot... Even though I don't mention... Even though I don't chat this much...

What is this...?
When I first joined...

I thought that we'd have a happy gameplay... With you guys...

And yet...


I've been betrayed... Nobody trusts me... it's like a endless hole...
Ok, admittedly, saying that you are annoying as fuck is kinda rude, so I will just go with annoying.

As was stated before, you got permanently banned from Discord, you were given reasons and warnings. Bringing it up here that is like the only place that you are not banned from yet is clearly not a very good idea.

If you can't get over the ban, then I have some advice for you:

1. Quit the game. Try other games or get a different hobby for your free time than games, like art, maybe poetry? Because you sure like to talk a lot, maybe stir up some drama.

2. Try to change your behaviour to be socially acceptable, i.e. tolerated by the masses. You can get people to help you to do that if you can't do it on your own.

Hope this helps.

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