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v0.93 Patchnotes
-ADD: New Private Message system
-ADD: New Legendary System
-FIX: Plenty of backend improvements in attempts to have rooms run more smoothly overal
-FIX: Several bugs fixed with challenge/queue instances
-FIX: Resolved a long-standing issue preventing some people from joining a guild
-FIX: Fixed a bug where the client was spamming chat configurations to the server when the chat was open
-FIX: The client no longer updates the server on client-calculated dps (deprecated long ago)
-FIX: Several actions that were previously allowable in challenges have been disabled
-FIX: Resolved a bug where a purchase on a pure diamond pack was not dissolving the +50% from the pack on the client
-FIX: Bug that was capping offline gains against inf tier 500
-FIX: Auto fishing menu will now show immediately after you select your fishing position, instead of having to wait until the next spawn of fish
-BALANCE: Ascension points are no longer given per level after level 1000 (Will be obtainable by other means in the future)
-BALANCE: An increase to suggested power in the ship arena has been added to alleviate confusion from players who are misunderstanding that reaching the suggested power does not necessarily mean you'll definitely win, due to different strategy potentials
-BALANCE: Woodcutting damage (and Tree HP) have been increased by 10 times for cleaner multiplier results
-BALANCE: Evolving your pet will not longer heal it in the pet arena
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims: SO is now giving after level 30
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims: Diamonds now given on every claim
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims: Food now given on later claims
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims: 5 Nets now given on the 5th claim of the day
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims: Ult & IMatter now given on 8th claim of the day
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims now go up to tier 10 (from 8)
-BALANCE: Online Chest Claims no longer reset your current chest progress at midnight, and instead reset after you claim your 10th chest
-BALANCE: Significantly reduced the efficiency of the Chest Claim trophy upgrade due to recent improvements and enhancements to the online chest claim system
-VISUAL: Complete World Select Rehaul!
-VISUAL: Tips no longer show while in a challenge
-VISUAL: New click time bar on the click-wait cursor
-VISUAL: New 'Click Strike' tip for click attacking until level 3
-VISUAL: You should now receive a confirmation when you click to quit a party
-VISUAL: Significant optimization on damage text in the game, especially regarding the primary battle window
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